Bontrager Race X Lite / XXX Lite Butyl Tubes - lightest?

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by mellowJohnny

I stumbled across some Bontrager Race X Lite 700c 18-25 mm butyl tubes today weighing in at 66 grams (0.60 mm thick) with a 36 mm stem (incl. collar and cap). The XXX Lites (which i did not buy) were 58-ish on the shop scales. They were 2x the price...

I looked around to see if there was anything lighter and I'm a bit surprised to find that these seem to be some of the lightest (butyl) tubes I've found.

Quick completely un-scientific comparison: (not my weights - only what I've seen on a few web sites):

Michelin Aircomp Ultralight - 77 g (not sure what valve length)
Vittoria Ultralight - 84 g (not sure what valve length)
Conti Light - 99 g (not sure which size this weight was for)
Conti Supersonic - 45 g?
Maxxis MVS Flyweight - 46 g (these are 0.45 - same thickness as the XXX Lites)
Deda - 92 g w/ 40 mm stems

So I'm a bit surprised. Anyone else?

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by lechat

The Conti SS and Maxxis FWs are usually a little over 50gms, depending on the stem.

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by roca rule

Vredestein tubes weight 48gm
And challenge are 59-65
But they are latex.

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by Nismo4x4

My new Specialized turbo tubes weighed in at 49g and are butyl. Haven't mounted them yet to test.

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by pdlpsher1

I just got some Conti SS 42mm and they weighed in at 50g. They definitely roll better than the stock tubes (96g.) I run anywhere from 110 to 120 psi. So far only three rides on them and I don't know anything about long-term durability. However I'm very impressed by the extra speed they give.

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by dj97223

The Specialized Turbo tubes are light (I think mine weighed 58?) and are nice. They hold up well and come pre-talced and wrapped tightly for a jersey pocket.
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by dereksmalls

What about the Vittoria Evo 55gm Image

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by Porschenut

Which of these lightweight tubes have removable valve cores so that I can put in tofu extenders and get at least 60mm of stem? I've been riding on the Michelin Aircomp Ultralight 60mm valve stems (non-removable cores) while thinking they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now that I've read about these other (waay lighter) options I'm left a little deflated! Pun intended.

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by roca rule

the two latex tubes that i sugested have removable valves.

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by timzcat

The Conti SS are advertised as removable core, though I can't confirm

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by pdlpsher1

Conti SS does have removable valves. I use Conti valve extenders and they work great along with Conti SS. Yesterday on a ride I hit 50mph on a descent. Not quite a supersonic speed but not too bad for my light body (60kg).

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