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by paengn

I am thinking of equipping my All Campy bike with a Campagnolo profit plus pedal. Does anyone have any experience using these pedals?

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by tommasini

Great performers despite having not had a design update for quite a while. Bearings will be virtually maintenance and trouble free for many years (versus Look, Speedplay, etc). There are lighter carbon bodied pedals but with the body made out of alumnium and a steel wear plate that solid constuction will keep them running for years. Early versions had cleats that wore somewhat fast but that was changed a long time ago. I prefer the fixed cleat option.

by Weenie

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by paengn

Thank you, Tomassini.

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by mr_tim

Tried them for a while. Compared to spd-sl the clip in was awkward to find & they seemed very narrow in terms of footprint / hot spots.

I would not want to use them again particularly if it was important to be able to get in & out in an emergency as they did not feel reassuring.

FWIW If you were only going to use them on long rides where exit wasn't required (the big problem for me), they would be a good high mileage choice as the build quality is excellent & the cleats are very durable.
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by bikerjulio

I've used them for several years with no problems. Easy to clip in and the release is adjustable. I too prefer the fixed cleats, but that's me.
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by Tricky1

Mine are older and def would rather have the fixed cleats. The float was way too sloppy, they squeak after some wear and gave me hot spots. On the positive, they are built well and are easy to click in and out of, just not for me.

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by Wingnut

I found them nice too, I stupidly replaced mine with Speedplay's at the time...worst idea ever! What was I thinking...
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by Butcher

Used them for a couple of years and yes, I would use them again. I have Speedplay Zero's now [tuned of course].

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by dierix

i have them on all my road bike. not light but really good! virtually maintenance free

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by maccpres

I got 6 years, 50,000 miles and they still spin like new. I might try some lighter pedals if these ever wear out.

by Weenie

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by eugkim

Love them. I have them on all my bikes. Just waiting to give my son my oldest shoes; then he gets a pair too.

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