Is it in my head or is there really that much difference?

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by wkend_warrior

What do you know the different between Reynolds Aasaults vs Evne 45 with DT swiss 240 hubs?

I recently brought a set of Reynolds Assaullt clincher wheelset hoping I will "feel" a significant improvement on holding on rolling speed, weight wennies, and of course for the bling bling factor.

So far, the bling factor is there, but the other two wishes came short for me.
This purchased is coming from a set of Shimano RS 80 which I had its for less than a year. Unless my scale is off the actual difference between the two wheelset is only 10g ( I have Assualts weight in at 1558 vs RS80 1568g without skewers) far from what Reynolds officials description.
AFA rolling and holding its speed, I found the Assaults does better job over the RS80 but not as well as I would have expecting with a deeper rims. In fact, rented a ENve 45 (DT Swiss 240 hubs) wheelsets prior to my purchased and felt it was a big improvement over my Al + carbon (RS80) wheels. I was also comfortable with the breaking powers which gave me the confident for purchasing a carbon wheelset for daily uses.

So why I didn't buy Enve instead? Cost..I got a great deal from an authorized dealer (able to purchase RAP warranty program) for under $1000. And Thought Reynolds shouldn't be that far off from Evne.

Now, If I can forget about the weight issue, but concern about the rolling speed. Will it get better over time for the hubs to have a better feel or smoothness as I put more mileage on its?
Btw, from my experience with the Evne's I can feel the difference even at 18-25mi

I probably would not raise an issue about the Reynolds if I didn't have a different experience with Evne's wheels. Also I will not be so disappointed with the inaccurancy of the weight - different of over 100g.

Suggestions are greatly appreciate.

PS-I posted this topic at BF but I wonder if I can get a different opinion from the WW. Thank you once again.

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by sawyer

Are you familiar with the phrase "you get what you pay for"?

Actually the RS80 rim and hubs are very good, and they have both a low spoke count and aero steel spokes, so don't be surprised by the minimal difference vs. the Reynolds.

Zipp, ENVE etc. will be better yes.
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by topflightpro

Didn't you put this same post in Bike Forums?

The truth is that the Assualts that you bought are a low end carbon wheelset. They cost the same as high end aluminum wheelsets and half as much as quality carbon wheelsets. They have cheap hubs and budget rims.

As the previous poster said, You get what you pay for.

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by kgt


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by sugarkane

45s are great wheels even when built so such average hubs as dt Swiss.. Much better with something a bit lighter and a bit more exotic..
Mine are built around the straight pull hubs by extralite.. 990g wheelset that is fast as Fark and stiff enough for an 85kg guy..

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