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by taina

Putting a standard presta-to-schrader adaptor on the valve core gives a taller, wider-circumference cylinder for pliers to grip. After tightening the core, the adaptor comes off easily.
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by nooski

I highly recommend SKS Rennkompressor with EVA head. The head is able to stand more than 17 bars even on threadless valve extender.
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by speedwobbles

+1 Hirame. Costs as much as a whole pump, but whatever pump you put it on becomes a superhero.

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by swinter

I have a more recent Silca superpista (7 or 8 years old?) with the wooden handle and a bell shaped brass and plastic presta head. (It ends with the brass ring encompassing the washer.) Never had a problem. The washer wears out over time. I've replaced the head once, but I think you can just replace the washer.

I do find it works best with unthreaded valve stems. But it works with pretty much every kind of tube I've used.
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by GZA

speedwobbles wrote:+1 Hirame. Costs as much as a whole pump, but whatever pump you put it on becomes a superhero.

+2. 150 psi into a disc wheel becomes a one handed operation. Best money I've spent on cycling in years.

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by mrfish

Surely for travel use, the idea is to pump your tyre at home with a track pump, then only top it up if necessary using your frame pump? If you use butyl tubes, the tyres will only lose a couple of psi each day, so you could start at 120psi, then last a whole week quite easily.

The old-school continental pro solution is to use a Zefal HPX (an all-aluminium pump with locking head) stowed parallel with the top tube or seat stay if your frame is 56 or below, or seat tube if larger.

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