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A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by swiftvelo

I have a question for all. Ive raced for the last 5 years takeing the last year off with a moveand a big crash and new job. I'm a cat 3 now and thinking of getting the next upgrade cat 2. I've never trained just peddled my bike and raced about 10/15 a year. I'm wondering which direction i should head in first and what would be the best training work outs. I have done a couple 2/3 races and placed well. Looking for any help. I'm not a TT'er and don't climb very well I hate to be labeled as a sprinter but it's what I do best. I'm 6'2 and 215lb in race trim. Would love to here some suggestions. Thank you in advance.

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by KWalker

Lose some weight.

Increase your FTP by 10%.

Get very good at positioning.

If you had a 330w FTP and increased it to 363 while getting down to even 195 you'd go from 3.39 w/kg to 4.1 w/kg. With some good positioning you'd have a good time in flatter races should your AWC and smarts be there as well. Get that weight down to 190 and you bump up to 4.2 w/kg.
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by swiftvelo

Thanks Weight is the first thing that I've started to work on.

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by gmitt98

it sounds simplistic but "ride lots."

1) get a powermeter and read "the book" (by coggan and allen)
2) get a coach, if you can afford one, who can train w/ power
3) get that CTL up
4) get a good book or two on sports nutrition
5) make it all a lifestyle

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