crank brothers cobalt 3 wheels

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by srfwito

I am looking for an accurate weight for a set of crank brothers cobalt 3 wheels. there website claims 1500g but ive seen as much as 1550g to about 1600g. if anyone could give a good weight for a set that would be super cool.
thank you

by Weenie

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by DrGalactus

Given their track record I'm presuming you're asking so you know how much postage will be when you need to send them back :P

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by Werdna

DrGalactus wrote:Given their track record I'm presuming you're asking so you know how much postage will be when you need to send them back :P


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by fivethirtyonepm

run away, don't look back, not once, not ever..............

i know they look pretty funky, but that's about it.

for less cash, you can go down the stans crest or arch ex route with some light hubs (Hope or DT 240S), run tubeless out of the box and be a happy man.

alternatively, i am seeing some Tricon wheelsets spring up in the classifieds for around GBP400 which seems pretty good value if they are all up together (although servicing costs can be higher on these i believe).

On my Yeti ASR5, i went with Hope Pro II Evos (not the lightest, but easy to play with) on Stans Arch EX with DT Rev DB spokes... very happy with them. My Turner Flux ran with the same but Stans Crests instead of Arch EX's and they absolutely flew whilst remaining resolutely round despite my 95kgs bulk thrashing them through rock gardens with reckless abandon.

in short... crank brothers stuff is best admired in the shop...

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

I don't know if going with this wheelset is a good idea. Paired spoke designs are inherently weak and soft. If you break a spoke, there is no way your going to be able to get home without carrying your bike. You could get a lighter, stiffer, more durable wheelset if you were to piece them together. Maybe something like the Stans Crest laced to King hubs. You would be getting a better warranty program and a much more durable wheelset.

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by thisisatest

Ditto what everyone's been saying.

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by ajax29

I have Crank Brothers Cobalt wheels mounted on 4 bikes and have run them for years. Whatever people may theorize about the design, I can only say what my experience has been, and that has been nothing but positive. Twice in those years I have broken a spoke (primitive trails) and each time I rode the bike back, very gingerly, but there was no "catastrophic failure".

Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

+1 that these are a good wheel, despite what the keyboard theorists have to say.

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by stephen@fibre-lyte

Zen Cyclery wrote:Paired spoke designs are inherently weak and soft.

I'd heard that as well and not knowing much about wheel design I thought nothing more of it. About 9 years ago I bought an alloy frames Litespeed Vela that came with Shimano 105 wheels that had 16 pposing spokes (8 pairs). They've been flawless. No spoke breaks, no bearing issues and still riding them, no idea of the mileage but the brake track is still ok, just. The reviews of them at the time said they were good enough for use on a tandem!!

That said, I have no idea how good or bad the Cobalt wheels are, but they do look nice! :D

by Weenie

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by xnavalav8r

I've been beating on a pair of lower-end Cobalt2 wheels with no problems. Running tubeless with standard 2.2" tires and Stan's sealant. Considering Cobalt11 for race wheels.

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