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by shoopdawoop

So I broke my wrist today in a crash in my last race of the year. Looks like I will have a cast on for around six weeks or so; so alot of my training is going to have to be on a trainer for awhile I think, at least for a month or so. I have an old cycleops and it is ok for recovery rides and such but whenever you try and put out any power its resistance is really uneven and makes it really hard to put out good power. What trainers do you guys recommend? I know its never going to be as good as riding outside but I want something that is at least somewhat smooth if I'm going to be on it alot.

I have rollers but I have never really been a fan before that suggestion is made; its really hard to do long sessions on rollers for me because I tend to space out and want to do other things if I'm on the trainer than just ride (read, homework, TV, etc.)

Hope this is the correct section for this, Thanks!

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis




And I don't mean his daughter (who is cute and might be fun to rid...never mind).

Got one a couple of months ago, worth every penny.

by Weenie

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by Rick

I have been very happy with the Cycleps Fluid 2

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by daj

Yes you need a decent machine that's capable of taking your power, but other than that, it's all in your head. Doing long sessions on a trainer at a constant tempo is extremely boring and you need a shipload of motivation to do more than 30 minutes. Interval training is the key. To me a 90 minute interval training is about as mentally tough as 30 minutes at a low tempo. Although I do need a television in front of me ;)

By the way I use a Tacx Satori, relatively cheap, decent, tons of resistance, no slipping tires, but rather noisy.

livio livius
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by livio livius

Computrainer or Kurt Kinetic. Also check sites like TrainerRoad.

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by Frankie - B

Another vote for Kurt Kinetic, but add the sufferfest for more fun.

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by shoopdawoop

Thanks for the suggestions! Now for a string of annoying questions!

TP is the Lemond loud? I know that there are no silent trainers but I had heard that that one is specifically very loud and I have 3 roommates who might not appreciate me riding a helicopter. Also do you have the power pilot computer? If so what are your thoughts on accuracy?

I agree that riding the trainer is a real nightmare; I was able to do a couple 2 and 2.5 hour sessions over the winter doing 2x20s and 8x5s but a constant tempo ride really is difficult. I'm just worried that I wont be able to do those intervals with my wrist unable to leverage or grip the bars really well. It shouldn't be a huge problem but I think if you're doing hard intervals you don't want to focus on anything other than your legs doing work. Also I'm really just starting my base for next year right now, because whats an off season :thumbup:

Liking the Kurt Kinetic right now but I have some questions. Which model should I get? I don't think that I want the Rock and roll, that novelty would wear off quickly I think and I'm a steady state guy not really a sprinter. So it seems to be between the road machine and the magnetic which both seem to have some appeal. Also has anyone used their power meter system?

Love sufferfest videos, I think the Hunted in my favorite! Make the trainer alot more fun and the music is pretty good as well.

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by SSB

I've been happy with the Cycleops Fluid 2- it's quiet enough to use in an apartment/condo and it's not too expensive. If you grunt/grimace like I do during those god-awful trainer sessions, you'll cover up any minor noise the trainer will make. :oops:

Personally, I can't do trainer work with music or the TV on, but a trainer video (e.g. Sufferfest) makes it less of an exercise in counting down the clock.
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by russianbear

I've heard the rock n roll is hard on frames and also it's ginormous (like 4 feet wide or something). I have an older model Kurt Fluid and it still works great. I'd go with a regular Kurt fluid and get their heavier flywheel so you can do harder intervals.

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by JWolf

I bought the Rock and Roll and don't use it. It's huge and it felt like it was destroying my frame.

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by wilson78

Another here that would like some feedback re the noise level on the Lemond.
It looks like the best solution on paper, but looking at some of the reviews on youtube the noise levels might be a bit much for my neighbours to cope with!
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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Yeah it's loud. How loud? My best recommendation is to find someone/LBS who has one and have a listen for yourself - "loud" is pretty subjective.

It is loud enough to drown out a fair amount of sound from my Acer laptop speakers.

Flip side, it feels like riding on the road. I used to struggle with anything more than an hour on the trainer, can rip out 2 hour sessions now on the trainer with ease.

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by tommyb

Anyone with a Lemond and the power pilot able to give an opinion on the software and the accuracy of the readings? Also is it possible to record the power data with a Garmin for uploading to Garmin Connect?

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by Geoff

I am in Canada and have to spend way too much time on trainers and rollers. The best product I have ever found is this:

by Weenie

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by teddysaur

Cycleops fluid 2 is pretty quiet. I ride in my living room and my missy told me she can't hear my trainer noise.

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