Bike thief tracked down and busted on video

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by Porschenut ... ed-2358904

Awesome! I've had 2 bikes stolen off me and this would be my ultimate revenge.

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by devinci

Ahah awesome! What a fcker!

Those guys did a great job setting this up!

Lol at the car at the end ahah

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by HammerTime2

Amazing video.

Two thoughts:
1) What was most amazing is that it was Seattle and not raining ... not even a cloud in the sky that I could see
2) The victim was lucky Cav wasn't the thief, because he would have gotten away. The thief was pathetically slow, although to be fair, he didn't have cleats on, but still ...

Anyhow, I'm chicken, or smart, or something, because I would not have confronted the thief. I would have provided my evidence to the police and let them confront the guy.

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by jsinclair

call me old fashioned but i would prefer to see bike thieves savagely beaten instead of brought before the courts to get a slap on the wrist. if this happened here, the offender would probably get 5hrs community service with no conviction.

for every one caught, there are probably thousands getting away with it.

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by taina

I was a serial bike theft victim in college. Slightly later I was on foot in a city park when a man ran past, chased by another man who said he was a cop and that the first man had tried to steal a bike. I joined the chase. The first man gave up almost immediately and was handcuffed. My only experience of law enforcement.
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