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by bigskyTi

Just took one just like this (my size) on a 45 mile ride.

Two Words : Rocket Ship.


Comes in @ ~15lbs like this.

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by 53x12

Rocket ship? Please tell more. I like rocket ships.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Looks good. You were always a Litespeed guy, right?

Tell us more - build, weight, etcetera...
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by 12x23

I'd love to hear more. I've been looking at this frame, too, as the geometry is identical to my 2006 Siena, my all time favorite.

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by kgt

I guess it belongs to the family of modern 386evo rocket-ships like Wilier zero 7, BH ultralight etc.

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by tomb


Loving those RZR's.

The new DA crankset would look amazing on that build :thumbup:

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by todayilearned

Very Beautiful!

As asked before... please more details!
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in the industry
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by bigskyTi

This is indeed one of the new BB386 EVO frames. It is by far the stiffest BB i've ever ridden. It seems to be in a whole other category from most everything else. Step on the pedal and the bike shoots forward, the power transfer is immediate. I've ridden frames with good 'jump' before but this is the best one yet by far.

Build as seen is stock except for the wheels (which should get their own ride report). DA everything with the notable exception of the crank and also chain. Zipp Service course SL bar and Stem and Service course Al post topped with a Fizik Arione Saddle with matching blue stripe and tape.

I've been a Litespeed Guy for a long time (so much so that i now do work for them) so I have a fleet of these for demo. It's cool to compare the different sizes since each size has it's own layups and tube shape to make the bike 'feel' the same at every size. having ridden the Medium and the Large I can say that there is no stiffness loss from size to size, and that the M is not more 'harsh' because the two have been built the same.

Tapered head tubes, continuous variable geometry downtubes, BB386, etc, all the marketing buzz words are there, but it's not until you mash the pedals that you appreciate how good it is.

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by JAX11

I hear there are major problems with getting the rear wheel out of the drop outs. U almost have to remove the skewer first. That could cost you dearly in a road race. Have you had any problems with that? As Im interested in purchasing the L1 blue frameset!

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by prendrefeu

... as this is the first L1 on this forum, I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't provide any weights.
What's up with that?
Can we at least get a frame weight? :noidea:

Otherwise, looks beastly. :twisted:
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by DrClyde

from for the L1

frame: 1170g
fork: 370g

The L1R may be much lighter, and more competitive with the BH and Wilier BB386 bikes...but if shaving a few hundred grams is worth a few thousand $$$, well, yeah. That's the choice.

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by Coen02

Competitive Cyclist has got the L1R's down to $1740 and the L1's at $1320.... steal of a deal.... I've been eying them for the past few weeks with my finger hovering over the checkout button...
Great looking bike BTW 15lbs. is pretty good too

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by 12x23

Anyone here on the L1R with a Shimano crankset? If so, any problems with the adapter and creaking? I have a 7800 SRM and would prefer to run it.

Also, does Litespeed provide plugs to finish the holes for routing electric in the frame? I will move a 7900 group onto this frame until 9070 becomes available.

I'm about to pull the trigger on one, as stated above, my '06 Siena is my all time favorite and best fitting frame. This looks to be more of the same only lighter, of course.

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by TVQgolf

Love how your bike looks, thinking about picking up an L1R frameset myself, but was wondering if you or anyone else could tell me if i would be able to run a new sram red exogram bb30 crankset with a sram pf30 bb on this frame since its designed around the bb386 standard; from what ive found/read i think it will work, but just wanted to know for sure. thanks.

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