Lightweights - True?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by shinkansen

For any owners of LW wheels purchased new, how true have your wheels been out of the box? I have a friend and his seem to have maybe 2mm of side to side movement. not sure if this is just a product of their handbuilt nature or if the they are out of tolerance... I'd think wheels would be true in their price bracket...

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by coppercook62

Mine where like 1 mm out of truebut 2 years they have never got worse.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

2mm seems a bit excessive to me. Considering the pricetag it seems that they should be a bit more true than that.

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by N.T

LW:s true!? Not even close...
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by CrazyErrol

I just built a bike with a set of meilenstiens and they weren't true. Nice wheels but yeah, you think they'd come true for that kind of cash.

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by chazzawoods

They are probably made using the same philosophy as those saudi arabian carpets which all have little deliberate mistakes in them. I would imagine that because these wheels are more 'carved' into shape having seen a video of their production. They cannot be trued using the conventional nipple adjustment, so making them to exact true is hugely difficult. If this common feature doesn't cause further problems then I'd just make do.

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by shinkansen

My friend has the Meilenstiens... Sounds like they have built in handmade-ness :)

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by sedluk

I own several pair and while not perfectly true I have never had a problem.

A friend of mine bought a pair and while they have never touched his brakes even while climbing out of the saddle it bothers him. They are his favorite wheelset but things get it his head and he just can’t get over it. But then again he is a real head case; I think he has some kind of compulsive disorder.

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by Porschenut

I appreciate that you've posted this topic. While I'm not in the market for a new set of wheels and certainly not a set of Lightweights, they have always been my dream.

Shattered! Personally I'd have a hard time living with wheels that aren't true since I quite enjoy riding with my brakes somewhat close to the rim.

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by HammerTime2

Specifically, viewtopic.php?f=3&t=46066&start=30#p540020
and more generally the whole thread Lightweight Standard Gen 3 - wheel trueness question

Edit: See my posts 2 down for information from CarbonSports' website.
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by Rick

2mm sounds way out to me.
In the past couple years I have bought 2 pairs of stock Neuvation wheels, one custom Neuvation powertap wheel, and one pair of C-4 wheels, and one pair of Reynolds carbon clinchers.
None was out by even 1 mm when new, and I don't think I have ever let a rim go to 2mm before taking it off and retruing myself.

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by HammerTime2 wrote:How large may the lateral run-out on my Lightweight wheel be?
For the models Standard, Ventoux, Obermayer and Disc the tolerance is 0.4 mm.
For the models Standard C and VR8 the tolerance is 0.5 mm.

How large may the radial run-out on my Lightweight wheel be?
A tolerance of 0.5 mm applies to all wheel models.

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by Cheers!

How come lightweight fell out of popularity ?

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by Geoff

I guess it varies from wheel to wheel. I have a set of Standards that are pretty close to perfect. With respect to their 'popularity', they are still at the cutting edge of wheel technology. They are among my favorite wheels.

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by xjbaylor

Cheers! wrote:How come lightweight fell out of popularity ?

They didn't fall out of popularity, but they couldn't be expected to maintain the insane swell of visibility that they experienced in the last few years. When people think of shelling out megabucks for a light set of wheels they are still on the very very short list.

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