Chain catcher - Is it necessary?

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by G6612

Can I get everyone's thoughts on chain catchers, I have never had a problem with my chain dropping off the small chain ring so is it worth investing? If so what brand and model should I get. (I ride a 2010 Cannondale supersix with Sram Red FD)

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by plpete

It's kind of like insurance. You don't need it until something happens. You have a nice frame so I'd protect it as a chain catcher is a pretty inexpensive investment. I've seen too many frames with stripped paint and sometimes carbon from a dropped chain. I say do it.

by Weenie

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by jmilliron

Just know that if the chain gets past the catcher, it's much more time consuming to fix. Seen that in minor accidents during races.
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by kgt

A lot of pros use it although their bikes are fine tuned.

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by Stolichnaya

Not sure how round the seat tube on the SuperSix is but if you can fit one the easiest and least expensive item is the DogFang or Third Eye Chain Watcher. The Deda comes in different diameters, the Third Eye is adjustable

If the SuperSix has a funky chunky seat tube, then the new Canyon catcher that mounts under the seat tube waterbottle cage is a nice item. It weighs a few more grams than those that mount on the FD bolt, but adjustment is much easier and independent. The Far and Near catcher and others that mount on the FD bolt are nice and light but do not seem to have a lot of brute strength. The Canyon design is anchored by two bolts and seems more stable during a chain strike.

Adjust it well and you will have no more issues.

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by ricorob

I use the kind that mounts with the braze on front derailleur bolt (aka token). At only 8 grams it's good insurance.

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by nspace

Love my dog fang (as long as you have a round seat tube). Had a couple times where chain fell off the small ring and decided to invest the $10 for security. I know those will argue that only reason you will drop a chain is an out of tune f/d, but I say for 9-10g, its worth it for piece of mind. You'll hear it when its in action, and its very satisfying when you look down and the chain is already back on the ring :)

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by roberto21

luckily my Scott Foil has a chain catcher integrated into the seat tube, it has saved me once and i am more than happy that it was there. with a nice bike, i would definitely throw one on. better to have a catcher than a chewed up or cracked frame.
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by seandonovan

Supersix with braze-on Rival FD using a K-edge catcher.

Don't want to muck up the pretty carbon, and have a nasty habit of dropping chains out front (usually after 4 or so hours on the bike, in a cross chain, and shifting poorly... it's my own fault, I'm aware). Works like a charm.

I think that it might be hard to use any non-braze-on chaincatcher with a Supersix, thanks to the taper to the enormous BB area, which is why I went with the K-edge.

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by CrossRob

A Dog Fang stretched around the tube and held in place by a zip tie works fine on a Super Six (and doesn't look as bad is it sounds).

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by sugarkane

I tuned my dog fang down to 5g.. I have a friend who's cervelo was destroyed by a chain drop.. Only happend once and chewed up the chain stay. Better to have than not have :thumbup:

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by gmitt98

I only drop my chain during races - cross-chained, going hard, not paying attention. It's worth the 5g to install a chain catcher.

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by thprice

Install the Sram 2012 FD, you will get better shifting and it comes with a chain catcher

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by CerveloBert

+1 on that SRAM FD. It really is a life changer.

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by Zen Cyclery

Chain catchers are simply for those who do not trust their mechanics enough to adjust their front derailleur correctly. I would say save your money and find a better tech if your dropping your chain. The front derailleur is the chain catcher and adding an aftermarket piece is not going to the root of the problem.

by Weenie

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