Does the Mavic carbon spoke magnet fit Lightweight wheels?

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by Lafolie

Folks, I'm having problems with my Garmin sensor reading the magnet within my Lightweight Standard 111 wheels. I understand it's a bit hit and miss. Sadly, the Garmin magnet doesn't fit the Lightweight carbon spoke as it's too flat.

I see Mavic do a magnet which has been designed for their flat carbon spokes. I just wondered if it fits the Lightweight spokes. Here is the link ... tedKingdom

Thanks for the feedback

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by sungod

look on ebay for neodymium magnets, i use 5x5x2mm ones, 5mm diameter x 2mm will be ok too, maybe even smaller

you can get a pack of 50 for less than the price of one mavic

tape or glue one magnet to the spoke - i use a small strip of 3m's kapton tape, the silicone adhesive won't harm cf expoxy and is impervious to water

this is light and unobtrusive, you will also have lots of spare magnets

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by TurboKoo

Lightweights should have magnet laminated inside the rim, both fron and rear. Look for small dekal on nds.
How old are your wheels? I think they added magnet to 2009--> models
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by CarpetFibre

Turbo, he says he's having trouble getting the sensor to pick up the magnet inside the rim on his Lightweights.

I'd follow sungod's advice and try do a nice neat job!

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by coppercook62

I have a tune micro magnet on my Zipps. I superglued it to spoke and picks up sensor. Fairwheel bike sells them.

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by sedluk

Just make sure to glue the magnet to the spoke. Never clamp a magnet to your carbon spoke.

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by HammerTime2

coppercook62 wrote:I have a tune micro magnet on my Zipps. I superglued it to spoke and picks up sensor. Fairwheel bike sells them.
I believe you are referring to the Tune Pulsar Spoke Magnet, which is undoubtedly a Neodymium Iron Boron magnet, commonly known as a Neodymium magnet, and is what all "Neodymium" magnets are.

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by MikeMiranda

On my mad fibers they included a tiny magnet they included s a tiny glue dot to keep it moving

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by Geoff

No, don't glue the magnet to the spoke on a LW wheel. The only reason that magnets have been historically on the spoke is that, with box-sectioned rims, the spoke was the only rational place to put it. With the advent of deep(ish) wheels (45mm and deeper), the obvious place to put the magnet is on the rim.

I run rear-wheel speed. A rare-earth magnet (like this: ... 2065&cat=1) glued to the rim makes for a very reliable speed sensor and a more solid placement than a spoke. Also, you can run a bigger, 1/2" x 1/8" magnet...

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by Vuong05

Can anyone who has a set of Lightweight wheels and garmin edge with GSC 10 unit show us your solutions? I'm a little skeptical about gluing anything to the spoke/rim of a Lightweight wheelset. What exactly did you do and how did you do it? Pictures of your setup would be appreciated.

I have some Lightweight wheels coming in within the next few weeks and would like to find the best solution possible. I would like to continue using my garmin 800 with the magnet as I do a lot of riding under heavy tree cover. The GPS has a hard time finding a signal and without the magnet, I have a hard time knowing what speed I'm going.

One more thing, where did you source all of your parts for this project would also be greatly appreciated.

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by sharkman

Why not ask carbonsports? You don't want to void warranty by any glueing aktions.

I myself glued neodymium magnets on the spokes of numerous lightweight wheels which works perfect as long as you use a proper glue (a good 2 component epoxy would be fine) and not something called "superglue" (most are hydroscopic which mean thes attract water and will loose clamping power within a short timeperiod)

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by Causidicus


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