What frame is this???

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by irf3

I like to think I'm pretty up to date with new bike rumors and the variety of frames coming out of China/Taiwan as generics but I was at a race this weekend and this frame totally stumped me. I only caught glimpses of it during a crit. The guy also had a second identical frame setup with aerobars for the TT. Any ideas?


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by justkeepedaling

Cervelo P2c with a different fork for the road setup??

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by hansonator69

P2C, just looks different because that size is so big
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by CarpetFibre

You can see Cervelo written on the down tube. It's definitely a P2C.

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by bikedoc

it sure looks like a P2 down to the blue seatpost clamp

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by Tillquist

The seat clamp is the same colour as Cervelo P2carbon = it is a Cervelo P2c
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by artray

Raleigh chopper :noidea:

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