Building urban Steel Bike single speed

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by JWolf

Initial specs are as follows:

Cinelli SuperCorsa Pista Track Frame
Campagnolo Record Pista Components
Enve 45 Clincher Carbon Wheels
Phil Wood High Flage Hubs
Rear Wheel Flip Flop Free and Fixed
Nitro Srem / Bar / Seatpost
Chain Izumi
MKS Pedals
Front Brake Dia Compe or Cobra Clamp On
Brake Lever Paul Components E-lever
Tires Conti GP 4000

Comments / Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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by prendrefeu

Urban bike?

Build something you will be somewhat o.k. with having stolen.
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by JWolf

I'm not gonna leave it unattended that way. It's mostly to ride around with my kids - around town to sbux and ice cream. I'm too fast on a road bike and it gets a bit frustrating when I'm trying to ride in the low teens (mph).

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by MajorMantra

I wouldn't choose a track bike for that. Bikes with lots of saddle to bar drop aren't comfortable to ride slowly.

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by bobbyOCR

This sounds like an odd build.

If you want to race it on the track as well, I'd go with something completely different.

Buy a flat bar road bike and a lock to ride around town. Then buy an actual track racer.

Or if you have the funds, go for it! Don't ask us.
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by Werdna

Enve hoops and Phil hubs seem a little odd.....
You could easily lose 1/2 to 1lb of hub weight....

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by JWolf

I know - but I wanted it to be a flip-flop wheel and I was having a problem finding rims that would work with the flip-flop hubs - wanted the bike to be both fixed and free-wheel for now. Think I would like to try fixed - but would like to keep my options open. The hubs are certainly going to add weight to the build. Couldn't figure out how to make campy pistachio wheels freewheel/fixed. They probably would look best on this bike.

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by serbelo

What will your gearing be?
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by bm0p700f

I would also go with a flat bar road bike or hybrid for town use. Use track bikes on the track. A sinfgle speed/fixed based on a road track frame would make sense. Something like the cinleeli Gazzetta perhaps. In fact why no a complete cinelli gazzetta and buy it without bars and fit flat bars and flat bar brake levers. If using it with a freewheel a rear brake is essential. Remember you are riding with your kids and should set a good example. To many kids ride araound over here ride with only a rear brake or no brakes on the bmx's dirt bikes e.t.c on the road. Very poor.

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by 2011

That's a pretty ridiculous build for going to Starbucks and ice cream. But, whatever.

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by beardking

its your build so do what you want.

not really my thing but if i was building a bike around that frame I'd go with some classic looking wheels because i don't think carbon rims will look right with a steel frame and polished components.

or just buy one of these beauties

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by justkeepedaling

That has the same problem as the other build, you don't want a true track configuration. The seattube angles are all wrong for riding "urban."

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by Hugo7

Nothing wrong with a track frame, you just need to tweak the position a little. In fact IME the slightly higher position from the raised BB helps in traffic.

If its to ride around with your kids why not have some sort of leasurly comfortable randoner? Steel, sprung brooks ect.

As this is WW for a light fixed you should be after a Dolan seta, carbon risers, with some Stans to light weight front hub and some sort of cleaver MTB front conversion - lefty hubs have been suggested on another forum. So for bling tune would seem the right choice.

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by kgt

Your build list seems fine except the wheels. Totally out of place on your "concept". I would suggest low profile tubular rims and tubular tires like Veloflex Roubaix, Challenge Paris-Roubaix, Vittoria Pave etc.

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by Werdna

It will be tough to find a rear track hub that is light. I have AM Classic hubs on my Fixed road bike
I built a set with Velocity Escapes tubular rims, AC track hub rear, and AC micro 58 front, DT Comp spokes and alloy nipples.
Set came in at 1330g. (Not bad for a budget set.)
Swap the rims out to ENVE 1.25 tubulars and spokes to dt revolution and you have saved a significant amount of weight there.
As far as track geo goes, you will thank yourself if you are riding fixed on track geo vs. road, you do not want to clip a pedal.

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