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by KWalker

Not the versus versions, but just wondering who has tried both and how they chose? I currently am riding an Arione, but I got an Antares demo and rode it for a bit. So far its splitting hairs in terms of the differences although the Antares feels as though it might be less domed and thus lift my sitbones up for more grundel clearance. Just wondering what everyone's experiences was with these and what made them lean one way over another.
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by racingcondor

I used Arione's for about 5 years and liked them.

Recently (4 months) moved to the Antares though and I have found that I like the flatter top and generally harder feel to them a lot. Sit bone support works for me on both though.

I would suggest that the differences are as you say a more curved top (side to side) on the Arione which tends to spread the weight across a wider area and I have found that the Arione was better for moving forward on the saddle when you wanted to.

I am a lot fitter than I was when I got the first Arione and I suspect that I would have found the hardness fatiguing if I'd bought an Antares back then.

by Weenie

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by KWalker

The test saddle I have is pretty damn used and sagging a lot so its tough to tell how a normal one would feel. I'm most worried about the wings digging into my thighs as that is the biggest problem I had with my 143 Toupe.
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by coppercook62

I had a Airone and used to get a burning sensation on my left groin. Switched to Antares and I really dont think I would ever ride another saddle. Burning sensation went away. What they say about saddles, pedals and handelbars is true, once you find ones your body likes you should stick with them.

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by daj

Arione, great saddle, no issues other than... numbness. And lots of it.

Antares, great saddle, no issues other than... chafing my thighs against the sides of the very wide and flat front (but that's not too much of an issue to prevent me from using it). A bit harder on the sitbones, but therefore no numbness.

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by BeeBee30

I have used Ariones for years and got on ok ish with them, recently tried an Antares and used it a few times and switched back to the Ariones BUT when I put my Lynskey together recently I decided I liked the look of the Fizik Kurve saddles, they have three versions that mimic Arione, Antares and Aliante saddle shapes, rather than try the Kurve Snake that is like an Arione I thought I'd try the Chameleon which mimics the Antares and I BLOODY LOVE IT! Most comfiest saddle I've ever used, because of this I fitted my Antares back on another bike and really get on with it now so I think I needed the extra width all along 8)
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by davidalone

have used both. the arione is preferable if you like to shift around alot, but now I prefer the antares.

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by lancejohnson

I tried the arione and hated it. My sit bones didn't feel well supported and the way that the saddle slopes so much from the centerline to the edges fealt aweful to me. The Antares was much better, I can slide back and forth on it and am generally comfortable. It's my second favorite saddle after the Zoncolon.

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by thencameyou

I've ridden both for a while - currently on Antares 00 and braided models. Found the standard Arione to be too soft (not enough sitbone support - possibly too narrow for me as well), had more success with the Arione CX (less padding and seems a bit flatter) but happiest of all on the Antares - can't decide whether the carbon-railed versions hold their stiffness better or not.

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by project3

Why not other brand? I have move from Antares to prologo stretch pro

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by KWalker

I've tried the following saddles in my time:
Toupe (2 widths)
Romin (2 widths)
Romin Evo
Phenom (old and new version)
Concor arrowhead
SLR briefly, but don't think it was setup right.
SMP Composit
SMP Dynamic
SMP Evolution briefly, but don't think it was setup right.
Prologo Nago Evo pro
Prologo Scratch Nack
Prologo Scratch TR

So all in all a lot of saddles. By now I'm fairly certain that I know kind of what works for me so it comes down to the Arione, Antares and maybe an Evolution/SLR hence my question.
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by Lawfarm

I tried both, and settled on the Antares VS.

The Arione was too narrow in the rear and too domed (high in the middle) for me. It felt like it was trying to spread my sit bones further apart. I couldn't take it.

The Antares has been great.

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by CharlesM

I have both...

I use the one that fits my a$$...

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by Lemond75

I've had a couple of Ariones although I never found them truly comfortable, always getting a bit of numbnuts when on the turbo trainer or sore sitbones on long rides.

Then tried Toupe, Toupe Gel, Prologo Scratch, Romin, Romin Gel, wider Romin, Romin Evo, Flite Max Gel Flow,Regal-E.......the list goes on. None of them felt fantastic despite having had a bike fit and trying the Specialized assometer to ensure that my saddle position was correct and the saddle was the appropriate width.

After having my sit bones crucified by each of the Specialized saddles I'd tried I plumped for an Aliante, figuring I needed something with more padding. It was good, but I just couldn't dial the position in exactly where I could be comfy for more than an hour or two.

I'd always avoided the Antares as I knew a couple of people who had developed problems with their wedding tackle after using them and I also thought that I needed something with plenty of padding, but having tried so many saddles I thought I'd give it a go. I borrowed a test saddle and to my great surprise it was brilliant, and the first saddle I can be comfy on for 6 hour rides. I also noticed immediately that it helped me sit more squarely on the saddle and that I was able to engage my left glutes more than I had been able to previously.

So after hundreds of pounds wasted on trying different saddles, and countless painful rides wondering if I had bought another saddle that didn't suit me, or if i simply needed to endure the pain a little longer until the saddle was broken in, I've found 'the one'.

The moral of the story is however: Don't waste your time reading reviews about what other people find comfy as only your arse can decide that for you. :wink:
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by Guerdi

I rode an Antares during the summer/fall 2009 (more than 10'000 km) and while I found it comfortable and had no problem with it, I still prefer a narrower saddle. 140mm is too wide for my taste.

After that I rode an Arione and I'm still using it. I appreciate its length and its width, 132 mm is what I need, no more. Right now I am riding an Arione Tri2 Carbon and I must say it's incredibly comfortable, especially when in the drops. The saddle weighs at 210 gr. a little more than a standard CX carbon, but when you see some of the roads we have to ride on in Europe, the extra padding is welcome.

by Weenie

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