Let's See Your Time Trial bike

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by Krull

bmc tt 02-powertap-ultegra

updated the bike with a prologo nago evo ttr. lets see how it fits. bar-tape now in white.
and we cut the headset-cup, which was really tall, to get the bar deeper, roundabout 1,5 cm.


with fulcrum rs, weigh ca 8,1 kg, with everything:

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by Weenie

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by $mokeyJoe

As my formerly TT-bike has been crashed in a car accident, here's my new one...


Already upgraded:
3t Brezza Ltd steerer
TriRig Omega front brake(not in picture yet)
Xentis TT front wheel
Zipp 900 tubular rear wheel
SRM Powermeter

Also waiting for a flat stem. Still need to try it out. This afternoon will be the first ride. Mmmm...
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by Tillquist

Very nice bike :-)

You need a Omega front brakes ;-)
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by Juanmoretime

$mokejoe, Very nice replacement for the Argon 18. Yes the Omega is definitely a plus. I love mine but the rear was challenging to get on my Scott. I need to post some updated pictures.

I assume you were not hurt too much in the accident?

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by Stuartclark1977

Technically my wifes TT bike fresh from her duathlon this morning. This includes my entry for the lightweight puncture repair kit with a can of pitstop (minus its lid) taped behind the stem.

*yes I know the steerer needs chopped but making sure she is "comfy" with the position first.

IMG_1419 by stuartclark1977, on Flickr
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by Tillquist


My new Time Trial bike :-)
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by fa63


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by daryl1

Looking good, are you riding the pro missile bars with your hands angled down that much though? There is a trick with the right spacers to angle the extensions up a bit (raises a the tips a few cm) so your hands end up level.

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by Kevin3182

Wow :shock:
You really know how to build up a tt bike tillquist! i havenʻt seen one of your TT machines that wasnt spot on! only thing id change is the glossy front wheel to a matte black, and thats reaching. :thumbup:
how does she ride?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

My jaw hit the floor.

What a machine! :shock:

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by shoopdawoop

So sad I sold my BMC now! That bike is insane!

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by jsinclair

jesus christ, what a setup!

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by hansonator69

The Mavic iO front wheel makes it so, so right!
Slam your stem.

by Weenie

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by teebaz

Here's my 2012 Shiv TT running Campagnolo...
Bambino, quarq and Pro 4-rays on the way for the season opener in November...
I've also been really impressed with the Fizik Tundra saddle for TTing... after years (and $$$) of trying different saddles I stole this one off my cx bike - and couldn't have been happier.


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