CAAD10 or Super Six?

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by andyindo

Geoff wrote:The SuperSix is a very well thought-out frame. It is very stiff, though. I can see why other posters have not liked it due to the harsh ride. It was designed for racing, and it shows in the bottom bracket and headtube stiffness (as stiff as any in my collection).

Geoff, you mention headtube stiffness, I found the front end would wiggle a bit under braking when descending in the alps or dolomites. My Colnago C40 held up better descending. Maybe it was the fork, I dont know. That Supersix was very stiff though.

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by kgt

Every person I know that owns a super6 says the same thing: how harsh it is. Actually most of them already consider another frame. I guess CAAD being an alu will be similar if not worse. Some people may like it that way but IMHO there are better frames.

by Weenie

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Mate of mine has one, we ride quite a bit. Never complains of it being harsh.

Stiff, sure. Not harsh.

Harshness really is a very subjective measure.

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by KB

Tinea Pedis wrote:Harshness really is a very subjective measure.
Agree. I remember a conversation with Mike Perry at Maestro. He sells Nago's and said that you can have it as harsh as you want, i.e., 'just put a ridiculous amount of air in the tyres, on any bike, and you'll get it'.

I have a Super6. For me, the handling is jittery compared to my steel rigs, but it's not a bone rattler like some carbon and alu frames I've had.

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by memym00bs

Thanks for the comments guys - the CAAD10 has been purchased!

Totally stock at the moment apart from some FSA SLK cranks I put on - took it out for a 50 miler at the weekend and all I have to say is wow!

I know opinions differ and we are all different body weights/riding styles etc, but the CAAD was noticebly plusher over rougher road than the the PX carbon it was replacing.

Next step is weenie-ing, I've got SRAM Red shifters/brakes/mechs to go on, but need some lightweight wheels.

Will prob start a new build thread....


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by runningrunningjump

Good man!!!!!

Bring on the new build thread!!!!!

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by IanD

I'm going through almost the same question, although the Caad10 105 is out of stock my size, so I'm thinking of either the supersix 105 or Caad10 ultegra. The supersix is actually £50 cheaper, so it's leading the way. This is based on an online purchase, however I still need to talk to a few local bike shops which might do a deal on a ridley or forme.

I'm new to road riding and won't be competing anything soon, but like buying decent gear so both bike will fit the bill from that viewpoint. My inexperience might lead me to think the alu frame may be more robust if I drop it a few times, but time will tell.

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by runningrunningjump


Get the caad10 ultegra. You could probably keep it forever!

I've never fallen off a road bike, but that due to lots of mtbing experience. Many others I've got into road riding have fallen off their first road bikes (normally at lights when getting used to clip less pedals). So yeah an Ali frame might be better, not that the super6 frame is in any way weak!

The supersix 105 is a great bike, but you really do get the feeling that is a pro level frame set with very heavy budget parts hanging off it, dulling it and slowing it down.

In contrast, the caad10 is an stunning frame, only 50g more than the int mod super6 (1150g vs. 1100g) capable of everything from commuting to high level racing, (you'll find others on here who race on caad10 and are very very fit!) but the ultegra come with not only a better quality and lighter groupset but also much better carbon cranks. It'll feel much more alive and fun!

And all this comes from someone who actually bought a super6....

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by loco2546

caad 10 all the way ! currently am in the process of upgrading this ladie ..!

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by IanD

Agh... In a moment of madness I ordered the supersix earlier today.. It ended up as gossip between he caad10 105 for £1200 or the supersix for £1350. I thought it was too good to pass up and need to get something to actually get out on a bike! If things progress well I'll maybe add another bike for interest this time next year ;)

I figure I'll upgrade the wheels and crank on this at some stage any maybe the brakes, but after that I'll wait and see. Can't wait until it arrives!

Cheers for the advice... Even thought I jumped the gun :)

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by ninja101

Where did you get the Supersix from in the end?

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by petal666

I have both a CAAD10 and Supersix no-mod. Both are decked out in identical gear, Di2, Ritchey bars, stem and seatpost, Arione CX, same wheels and tires. I use the CAAD everyday and the Supersix for races only.

I find them both very stiff, neither 'harsh', but the Supersix a little more compliant. Both are cheap frames, but I prefer to train and bash around on Al rather than carbon.

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by IanD

As I say, I might add another bike if I can justify to based on them being used and if the alu frame would give something different, that could be the option.

I got the supersix from Westbrook cycles. Seemed helpful on the phone and shipped out very promptly so I'll wait and see when it arrives. :)

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by Crofter

Back to road bikes from mountain biking after 15 years, I'm making a choice between the CAAD 10 5 105 and Super Six Apex, and am particularly interested in ride comfort for a regular 30 mile commute on rural UK roads. Is there really a noticeable difference in favour of the SS? Both ride and look great for the money, but any real benefit in vertical compliance is always welcome. NB the SS would be costing just £130 more than the CAAD 10 - is it worth it? And is there any evidence of fragility in Cannondale's carbon frames, SS included? - I've only ever heard good things and that they're good in UK to honour frame warranty.

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by mellowJohnny

Very happy SS owner, although I did not test ride the CAAD for comparison. I don't find the ride harsh at all. I've been on harsh bikes, the SuperSix is not harsh.

I would also take 105 over Apex.

by Weenie

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