Sram lever hoods advice replacing/keeping rubber hoods new

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by dallaghan

Really simple one this and of course it may be I am chasing a unicorn here but was wondering aabout any advice to do with making the rubber hoods on sram brifetrs fit well after removing them to regrese the double tap mechs and then put them back on...

I had heard some shops use hair dryers? Any comments or advice?
Many Thanks

Martin Dallaghan

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by thisisatest

alcohol and wipe off the lever body and the inside of the hood.

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by RollingGoat

Heat them up before you put them on. I use warm water and then dry them off before installing.
I'm so rubbish at this.

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by CerveloBert

+1 on the hair dryer.

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by tinchy

this will get the job done in no time, trust

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by artray

Horses urine mixed with breast milk will get them clean

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