Time RXRS Ulteam vs today's frames

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by jdc5r

Hi Guys,

I have tried searching quite deeply into this topic but it seems hard to find.

The ulteam whilst an awesome frameset is a few years old now. In today's market, has anyone moved on from an RXRS frameset to a more modern frame like a Cannondale Evo or Sl4?

I was tossing up the SL4 and the RXRS ulteam and whilst i love the look of the RXRS ulteam i do want to reap the latest benefits in frame technology.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

by Weenie

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by crohnsy

What don't you like about your time? What qualities do you wish you had more of? Or less of? If you just need to justify a new ride then that's easy! Just buy one..... or two....

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by carbon2329

I have an RXRS, a I have really enjoyed it. I do not think there is any tech. that is really lagging.

However if you want the newest..........

They (TIME), just announced the new top model : ZXRS
(do a search and you will find som early tech. info and reviews.

Hope this helps.
(I like having a build that is current and new as well. I have a WW build, a winter build and a "Current build" that I will sell every year or so and get a "current" frame. It's fun :thumbup: so I understand, I belive, what you mean about having a current bike)

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by jdc5r

Sorry, i should explain. I do not have a RXRS atm. I am considering either the RXRS vs SL4.

I know of the ZXRS as well and i am not really just wanting the newest frame just for name sake of having the newest.

Rather, i want to know if frames today is geniunely better from a riding perspective. Whether its stiffer whilst still staying more compliant etc etc.

Thats what i wanted to know.

Thanks for the feedback :)

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by clarkson

Everyone's perception of the qualities you're looking for is subjective though... Stiff to me may not be stiff to the next guy, and really the best way to evaluate this is to ride an example of both and decide for yourself. Plus, most important of all is which one fits you better, because that's the one you'll probably enjoy more.

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by brycerider

Depends on what you prefer and your build. I like the look of the Time but its not as stiff in the headtube as I like.

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