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by Horacio

Heard from my LBS Giant is coming out with an aero frame.
Anyone heard any chatter about this?
Was thinking really hard about purchasing the TCR Advanced SL 0, but now I must pause.
Another hold up for me is waiting for 11 speed and revamped Di2.

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by mimason

I heard the same. Lbs said around July. Very curious about this.

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by virenque


anyone has a better picture?

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by stoney

I can't tell anything from that picture.

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by ultyguy

Spoke to the Rabo mechanics and some of the ex-Rabo pros that have been testing it. I think they were still debating on the brake placement (I would bet it'll be madone style give the close giant-shimano connection). They were really quite positive about it, but they do seem to be a bit late to the game now so it'd better be special.

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by spandexboy817

The giant in the picture has a pretty aero looking junction around the seat clamp/seat stay rear wheel area. It reminds me a lot of the Felt DA junction. Rear brake is maybe set in the frame a little ala the fuji TT bikes...?

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by whilgenberg

While the picture is pretty terrible it is still fairly informative;

The frame is has a flat top tube in order to maintain the orientation with the flow.
The rear seat stays consist of a UCI legal aero section that terminates in a way fairly similar to the Trinity.
The rear brake has not been hidden under the BB so it will be more flexible with regards to what brakes can be used.
Looking at the fork, they have either fattened up the airfoil section quite a bit (not terribly likely) or since the brake pads on the front are extending behind the fork, it is in fact an integrated front brake.

And now for some conjectures;
Depending on how the rear stays are formed into seat tube, it could shield the rear brake fairly well and effectively extend the airfoil section.
Looking at how the riders (Theo Bos?) leg is obscured by the seat mast, they will be using a slightly thinner section airfoil or a unique aero section. By looking at the downtube where we can tell how narrow the downtube is by comparing the bottle and what we can see from where the frame member overlaps it's own shadow. By using comparative scaling in the picture and the fact that UCI likes the 3:1 ratio and most manufacturers push the 3:1 rule, then the down tube is about 1.75"x.58" in the perpendicular cross section if they are using a true airfoil shape. However, since a tube shape like that would be very flexy we can assuem that they are using some sort of a different truncated airfoil or similar solution.

Also what race was that screenshot from?

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by micky

Eneco Tour, 1st stage.

Ive been told that the Giant aero frame wasnt approved on time by UCI for the Tour and just got approved recently (that's why its used on a race otherwise it cannot!).

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by istigatrice

I've heard that it will be called the "Propel Advanced sl" not sure how much truth there is to that though
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by Guerdi

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by euan

The Propel got UCI approval on the 12th of June.
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by brightwd

I wonder if we will see any at the vuelta?
Apparently official release is at the Tour Down Under from what I have seen on other forums

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by micky

euan wrote:The Propel got UCI approval on the 12th of June.

Then they had plenty of time for using it at le Tour. :?

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by HeluvaSkier

Heard this will be released in January. Not sure if that means it will be available though.

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by lancejohnson

can anyone find any additional images?

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