praxis or kcnc cobweb?

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by nickf

Need some new rings. Anyone have experience with these rings? Cobwebs look killer but how do they perform? I near nothing but good things about Praxis.

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by Whale

The KCNC rings are a good compromise between weight and performance while the Praxis rings are some of the best shifting.
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by spandexboy817

I have a set of the KCNCs on my cervelo r5 mated to a Rotor crankset 53/39. They are quite light and absolutely beautiful - i always have people asking what type of rings they are - I have a set of M5 brakes on there and they match quite well - but the stiffness is rather lacking. I am not sure if it is the crank or the rings (first rotor crank for me, but I can't imagine that is it). Shifting is okay/fine- below Sram stock shifting - I also have an old red derailleur on there just fyi, but I get a LOT of rubbing when I put it in the 53/11 and even 53/12 and crank on it (I am a pretty big guy and a cat 1 at 180 lbs so I torque the bike a bit...). I have played with loosening the outer limit screw but I have had issues with throwing the chain. I'm pretty sure I just have the worst setup on that bike right now (it's new) with the red deraill, KCNC rings, and rotor crank

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by thisisatest

cobweb rings are very flexy. buddy has them on his r5ca and sworks epic29 mountain bike. off or on the crank, you can push them sideways pretty far with your thumb.
besides some chainring spacing issues at first (on the mtb, double, etc...), they havent been a problem for him, though. hes been running them with super record. he's like 6'3" and 155lb, so not exactly a masher. and they do look killer.

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