Are these SwissStop green pads?

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by blantonator

I ordered a pair of SwissStop green's from my LBS and these showed up.

They say dark green, but look black to me. I'm looking to replace the SwissStop greens on my KCNC C7's... are these the same thing?

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by CharlesM

email and ask em... probably a bad photo link

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by blantonator

I should rephrase my statement. I received the same pads as the one's in the link. They don't look like my previous Green's. Bike shop doesn't seem to know the difference. Link photo is exactly what i got.

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by alexalecu

The brake pads in your link are definitely the black version.
I have the green pads installed and, although they are on the dark side, there is no doubt they are green.

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by rowdysluggins

I've seen two different shades of the green pads, but they both qualify as a shade of green.
I think the earlier versions were a little lighter shade (but not sure).

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by 5 8 5

blatonator, the ones I got recently are a very dark green and can be mistaken for black in certain light conditions.
You couldn't mistake the older Greens with the Blacks because the green was much lighter.

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by jmartpr

From the photo....those look like blacks but I would check with the seller as sometimes pics don't match description.
If they were original SwissStop they would be GHP II (greens) which by the way use a better compound and contact area design than the SRAM versions done by SwissStop.
The SS are also a few bucks cheaper than SRAM offerings.....keep in mind that SRAM package them in pars whicle Swiss Stop provides all 4 pads with bolts on the same package.

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by dierix

looks like black to me. Just took a look at my spares and green swisstops are defenitely green although shade may vary.

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by franco78_fr

these are green: swisstop!


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