Cleat position - Whats your theory?

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syklisten wrote:Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The one thing that keep bothering me now is that someone means that the further back on the shoe the cleats are placed, the more power do you loose. Is this a fact or just an opinion (which there is a lot of when discussing cleat position)?

roca rule wrote:. i have a high arch and my cleats are always on the ball of my foot, because as a former track runner my feet always feel the need to dorsiflex. even when i walk my heel is always light when impacting the gorund... Also most mass produce cycling shoes are manufactured assuming that you are running your cleats on the ball of you feet. unless custom made their shape is going to have a sole that is not flat.

Im not sure how much power you would lose by having the cleat position a shade behind the ball of the foot (speaking as someone who has yet to ride clipless). But I would liken it to sprinting positions vs a jogging positions and the corresponding foot strikes.

Similar to what Roca suggests, no?

Sprint position is more the first 1/3 of your foot where as distance shifts the focus to the middle 2/3 of the foot. So it would seem that location of the cleat could also be affected by the type of cycling you do most.

Moving forward I will definitely be taking note of Steve Hogg's recommendations as so many have cited him here.

Having just read the Pose method's tri book ill share that they're considerations:
Position the cleat so that the pedal axle lines up directly underneath the ball of your foot. This is the point where you will get the greatest transfer of body weight to the pedal. Your feet should point directly forward. If you have structural/alignment problems with your feet, do not attempt to straighten this out. Set the cleats to accommodate this characteristic rather than correct it.


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by jo.k

Somewhat related -- what pedal system will allow for the most aft placement of the cleats? I recently got a pair of the Bonty RXXXL shoes, and these, in combination with the yellow Shimano cleats, will not allow placing the cleats as far backwards as I would like to.

Sorry, did not think of checking this prior to buying the shoes. Didn't have any issues with this on my Giro shoes, neither on my two pair of Spesh nor my Northwaves.

Maybe I should try to expand the holes in the cleats ... But I will do this very reluctantly.

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by drmutley

Speedplay certainly offers adaptor plates to facilitate this... I'm not aware of any such device for shimano, or other pedal systems... I use them myself... ... =cg.thumbs" onclick=";return false;

Also, if u need to correct a leg length discrepancy, Steve Hogg sells an extender plate that's 8mm thick (ie has 5mm of shim) ... mpensator/

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by KWalker

I'm actually going to try moving my cleats forward from 20mm behind ball of foot to 11. I rode 20 this entire road season and didn't notice any positive gains, but my snap had greatly decreased.
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