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by FRMMan


Can you take a standard set of 700C fulcrum racing 5's and get a cover to go over the spokes to convert it to a disc without the expense of going full carbon?

Not looking for time advantage - Just want a feeling of what it would be like, and also see if its something that would suit the look of the bike.

If so - Where can you get them from and how much?

Tried Fleabay but nothing seems to come up on the search.

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by irf3

I was in the same spot, didn't want to buy a full disc but didn't want to miss out during the few time trials I do. I got a cover for my kinlin 30mm rim and powertap. The thing looks and works great, I'd definitely recommend it as a cheap option.

Sometimes you can find them used in the classifieds of triathlon forums (dark cold places) but because they need to be pretty specific to your wheel, they're tough to find. You can get them retail through wheelbuilder.com. Just let them know what wheelset you'll be putting it on and you're good to go.

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by lemond853

I've tried the wheelbuilder cover, which is the standard in the tri world, but it never really fit well on my 404/powertap wheel.

So I built my one based on this:
http://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/Slowt ... ._P3552095

Super easy. I've now built 4 of them for friends.


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by Richyo

Are the covers legal for UCI road or tt events?

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by daj

Officially they are not legal for UCI regulated events, but usually nobody cares if you're not racing at a national level.

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by Mikmik

daj wrote:Officially they are not legal for UCI regulated events, but usually nobody cares if you're not racing at a national level.

I'd include that above statement at State level too here in Oz. The comms go right through the rules and bikes via a jig to make sure saddle and extensions are within the limits and check the bike out as a whole.....not sure how I'd go trying to 'sneak' the disc covers past them but.

I also got a wheelbuilder cover made up for my specific wheel and they got the dishing wrong so the cover bubbles out in places. VERY ANNOYING!!! Especially since they had all the information of the wheel AND they never responded to my emails :(. I ended up drilling small holes right near the cassette and mini zip tying the cover to the spokes for a smoother surface. Apart from that the only other option I have is cutting the cover and faning it out more to match the dish but then I would have to infill the space and then the tab holes would not match up so it's staying the way it is. Almost a complete waste of $85 bucks.
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