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by debock.robby

I'm at the initial stage of training with a power meter. According to the book by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan I performed some tests, one of those tests yield the so called power profile numbers. Here, a comparison of your performance (in watt/kg) is made for max 5", 1', 5' and FTP efforts. In their book, a power profile chart is given. It however does not match with the charts you can easily find via google, the latter are outdated since it was created in 2006. In the second edition of the book, it is mentioned as well that an update has been applied to the chart.

Can somebody profide me the chart in a spreadsheet please ? The numbers from the revised version vary from 10.08 to 25.18 watt/kg for 5" efforts. In the 2006 version, values are in between 10.17 and 24.04 watt/kg.

nb: in the revised book it is Table 4.1 on page 54.
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by ajmitchell

hows this. You can alter the stats too

www.psycho-oncology.info/Hunter-Allen-P ... phical.xls

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