King or Tune?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by madcow


Personally I don't think you can wrong either way, you just have to decide how important the weight factor is.

Cheers! wrote:
My vote is go with carbon clinchers. Then run Michelin Latex

We typically recommend not using latex or eclipse style tubes in carbon clinchers as heat can sometimes cause punctures.

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by TOflat

Just make sure you're able to easily service whatever you buy, I've found that to be a pain these days.

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by milroy

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't mean for this to become (yet another) debate on clinchers vs singles.
However, for the record, these will be on 3.4 clinchers. Not saying they are better that tubs - just for me they are more practical - and I'm not shy of fixing my own gear.
Furthermore I have used ENVE 45 clinchers in Sydney for at least 2 years without problem.

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by sugarkane

milroy wrote:Furthermore I have used ENVE 45 clinchers in Sydney for at least 2 years without problem.

Where in Sydney do you ride? I have only met one WW member in Sydney so far

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by nspace

I haven't run Tune hubs before, but have a fair bit of experience with Kings. I love my R45's. Engagement is great and they spin very smooth. Warranty is awesome, and at least where I live, there is a much better support network via dealers for King stuff than Tune (since I can't yet afford the King tools).

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