AICAN superlight cable system

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by madcow

I've now tested this long enough to have an initial opinion on it. I posted the review here: ... light.html

Short summary, I'm really quite happy with it. We have a couple weeks of monsoon season left here so still trying to see how it holds up in the really wet but so far so good. Initial impression is very positive and the weight is fantastic.

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by prendrefeu

if the liner ...or non-liner... whatever it is... is already included within each segment, does that not limit the ability for someone to re-anodize the cable set to their own colour?

The weights look impressive.
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by madcow

The liner pieces are not permanently fixed into the segments and can be removed with small needle nose or tweezers. However it would be a bit of work to remove and reinstall all of those pieces, but yes it could be done if one wanted to anodize a non-available color.

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by motorthings

cool! let us know when it is available...I have been looking for something like this (pondering the ilinks and nokons of the world).

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by cerro

Nice, read about it some months ago in a catalog from Taiwan but couldn't find their website or any more info about it.
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by artray

Madcow can you tell me if they make the same creaking sounds as Nokons . I have to lube my Nokons to keep them quiet .How do the AICAN hold up ?

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I want a set ASAP! With powercordz of course!
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by strobbekoen

read the review ASAP :wink:

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by Juanmoretime

Great and well written review Jason. I think they will work well on my bike! :thumbup:

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by oysters

These look great. Particularly the cable inners...I have a hard time getting my head around using power cords in the brake application, I just freak too much about the ability to securely attach them at the brake end and make adjustments if needed on the road, in such an important application for safety.

EDIT: I'll just point out that I'm worried that I, personally, will screw up the install on a powercordz brake set up at the pinch bolt end, thus making them unsafe. I'm sure installed correctly they are perfectly safe. I just feel more comfortable at the moment with installing steel cables.
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by KB

Jason - once again a good review. From my perspective, the fact that you psoted complete sets for cabling a bike was invaluable. It's always been one of those things that irritated me in not knowing. Thx.

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by kulivontot

Any word on availability of this guy?

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by dereksmalls

Do you have pictures of this on your bike? Would like to see the rear derailleur bend in detail before making a leap.

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by BmanX

So the lightest set up now is Mini I-Link for shifting and AICAN for brake correct. Good to know.

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by Szczuldo

Finally, something I am interested in! I think a set of these for my brakes will be in order, the standard i-links just look like monsters next to the mini i-links!

maybe I missed it but when are these supposed to be available?
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