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by digitalnorbs

Guys, what the hell, I been always a somewhat of a factor in the local ride sprints, then I got fitted, I definitely feel like I have better power, but now with being higher up I feel like I'm putting so much pressure on the quads that when we get to the sprint areas my legs have nothing for the sprints, I still make all the selections but sprinting,
Not good at all. Before sitting back and lower(although to low for sure) my legs where fresh, seemed like I was using my gluts more and saving my quads, can some one chime in, does this make any sense, please advice friends , thank you

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by Dcgriz

You've been the victim of the goniometer at the hands of a "fitter". I prefer back and low vs. forward and high for the reasons you mentioned plus overall better control of the bike in turns.

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by justkeepedaling

Drop your saddle down just a tad

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by digitalnorbs

I just checked the specks on my new seat post that's on its way to me, it's going to have extra 5mm setback, nice, thanks for the replay, I thought that I was nuts for hato power left to sprint, I'm not Crazy after all

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by 2011

Most bike fitters go by a generic set of rules, measurements and angles. They are not always what's best for YOU.

Use the bike fit as a start, and fine tune things to what makes YOU feel best and perform the best.

My first bike fit, done with computers, cameras, laser levels, etc... put my bars way too low that it was causing my hands to go numb after awhile of riding. They also set my saddle too far back and high.

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