What's Your First Choice Group for New Build?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by bluhorizan

Based on performance, weight, durability for new build?
SRAM, Shimano, Campy for new build?
Have been running 10 Sp Campy Record which has worked well though gen V FSA/SRM crankset has had loose crank problems and now may not be worth salvaging.
Now building EVO and open to all components including Di2.
Hoping to include Quarq or SRM and still be in low teens weight wise.

by Weenie

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by justkeepedaling

Dura Ace 9000 if you can get it

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by RippedUp

justkeepedaling wrote:Dura Ace 9000 if you can get it

Biggest issue is rear hub..

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by Zen Cyclery

After being able to try both I am set on the Shimano Di2. It seems to be the most reliable, durable, and is right up there in the weight saving. If you can hold out for the new Di2 it will have a couple features that I feel will be well worth it. The one thing I liked about the EPS was the ability to hold the trigger down and have it keep shifting gears, witch will be a new feature of the Di2. The new Shimano will also have a seatpost battery option witch will bring the weight to 25g below the mechanical system. On top of this say goodbye to changing derailleur cables due to stretch and corrosion, set it once and call it good. Your chain, cassette, and chainrings will last longer because the derailleur moves at the exact speed needed to cause the least amount of wear. Sorry I get a little excited about this, hopefully this helps.

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by trilocus

da 9000

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by NealH

DA 9000 or DI2.

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by sugarkane

Mech Sr or maybe Sr eps if I was feelling spendy.. I'm a campag fan and I don't like the look or the ergonomics of Shimano. It works well but once you start running high end gruppos they all do...
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by topflightpro

I'm looking at putting the new Sram Red on my next build, which may be happening in the next couple of weeks. I've been running Red for almost 5 years now and really like how it operates.

I would love to try Campy, but I don't feel like having to start building a new collection of wheels/freehubs. I have the same issue with DA 9000.

I really liked the Di2 when I have tried it, but it's still quite expensive and I'm reluctant to buy it knowing that the 9000 version is coming out soon.

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by c50jim

I've run Campy for 17 seasons now except for brief ownership of Di2 on a bike I had an accident with and sold because I just couldn't get comfortable with it. I've ridden once on my EPS SR bike so don't have much experience with it yet.

If you have an inventory of Campy wheels that would work with 11 speed, EPS probably gets the nod. If you like differential brakes, as I do, EPS gets the nod again. If you like good looking parts, EPS gets the nod for me because I don't like current DA style much and hate the new cranks. However, based on 500 km on Di2 and 100 on EPS, I'd say that even first generation Di2 seems to work a little better than EPS. It's not good enough for me to switch to Di2, but the stuff really does work well.

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by Kastrup

I am going to answer the question asked in your topic rather than the one asked in your post :) Hope it helps anyway!

I have not been through many groupsets yet. My first gruppo was some real old Shimano bits that were replaced by a more modern (at the time) Shimano 105 5600 group. This group stood up to all the abuse i could throw at it including several full winters with 10+ hours a week. I then decided to try something new and went with the Ultegra 6700, shifting was nice so was the braking. No HUGE improvements over the 5600 and i didn't like the feel of the levers much. I decided to change it after both brakes seized up after a couple of months of winter use.... And that was with everyday maintenance and care, maybe just bad luck...

I then decided to try out Sram and went with full Rival except for the crankset as i already had a Rotor 3D installed. The change to Sram was partly due to ergonomics and not because i felt that Shimanos components weren't up to the task anymore. What i am trying to say is that ergonomics for me is the most important thing when it comes to groupsets. They all shift well, some slightly better than others but none will be unable to move the chain from one cog to another.

I would suggest you go ride the groups in contention, preferably with a bar shaped like your own, and make your decision based on what you like and don't like. The 9000 group looks sweet though!
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by ParisCarbon

Super Record Mechanical!!

Looked into EPS and figured why bother besides for having the "latest and well maybe greatest" I just don't see the appeal of the Electronic...electronics are garanteed to fail at some point.. If I have an unfortunate crash in a race or something on the right side, for under $400 Ive got a brand new SR RD.. if that was electronic... double it up and more!!

As for your EVO.... do you intend on running your wires externally?? I have a Liquigas EVO and there are 2 distinct Electronic and Mechanical framesets.. you can't interchange unless you plan on sending your frame away to somewhere like calfee to get internally setup..

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by aaric

If cost isn't an issue, I'd probably go shimano Di2 9000, unless its an italian frame, in which case I'd stick Super record EPS on it.

If there's a budget, SRAM - hard to justify an extra $2000+ for the electronics personally.

But we haven't seen real world costs / weights for DA 9000 mechanical yet. I'd recommend waiting to see what the real world weights and costs (and wheel costs) are before building a bike out.

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by prendrefeu

Acros for the road. :twisted:
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by ticou

Methinks it would come from the via della Chemica in Italy, with a nod to Seiko land for the pedals.

by Weenie

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by Zen Cyclery

ParisCarbon wrote:.electronics are garanteed to fail at some point..

One could easily argue the same about mechanical parts.

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