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by traveller78

Hi, I ride a 57cm scenaro. I have been riding it for the past 1 year plus. I'm 1.8m and should be the same height as you. And yes, i agree with most members here that storck has a weird geometry. I'm usually a 54cm, but i got a 57cm for the scenero, which has a actual TT of 55cm. Which is good enough for me as i have long arms. Just make sure your stem is not too long. I find the bike generally ok so far. I don't have much issues with longer ride up to 150km so far. The bb seemed stiff enough when I power at lower gears to increase my speed on flats. As the scenero frame is about 1.1kg, with the other parts I have on it, I think climbing hills are ok too. Not much complains thus far. I have assault wheels, sram force and Q-rings. I believe you need to get a good saddle which keeps your butt comfortable, so the you can go longer and further. I hope this helps.

by Weenie

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by CheapSkate

I was thinking about this some more

I think Storcks are like Saabs were in the 1990s (pre GM). Well made, a bit odd, quirky, different. Not necessarily better, just different. Walk into the LBS with your Storck, stop by the side of the road, riders will ask you about it. You are part of a little club. Also you get the halo effect from the Fascenario (best bike in the world?), and the cult of personality of Markus Storck. You don't get that with a Trek, SuperSix, whatever.

But quirkiness costs. As with the Saab, which had a bloody awful gearbox. Eg with the Storck you'll get rear entry dropouts, because Markus says so. Not a big deal, but a tiny bit more awkward than normal dropouts. And the quirky sizing. Also if you have a warranty issue, you can't just walk into Halfords. Small stuff like that.

If you like the idea of being different, get a Storck. They are lovely, brilliant, beautifully made frames. But be aware that difference has costs as well as benefits. If you really don't care about image, quirkiness, etc, get a Planet X Pro and save yourself nearly a grand. Or a Ribble, or a [name of £1000 frame]. It will ride just as well.

My 2p worth anyway!

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by konky

Sorry there is absolutely no way a Ribble or Planet X frame is going to ride like any Storck. Also when you get used to it the Storck rear dropout works amazingly well.

CheapSKate I really don't mean this to be a wind up but in my view you don't buy a Storck road frame for the image, but because you want a genuine race bike with outstanding ride values.

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by stella-azzurra

CarpetFibre wrote:However I do think that we've come a long way in civilised society to a point that a man can buy a Storck frame regardless of his physical fitness. :hmm:

Now that's not what I said did I? How pray tell do you come to that conclusion?
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by CheapSkate

I guess you've got the usual spectrum of opinions here - best of luck with your purchase! Let us know how you get on.

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