Difference between Conti Pro Limited Competition vs std Comp

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by maxima

Came across a shop carrying limited stock of Conti competition Tubulars in 22mm, imprinted with Pro Limited Edition and LARGE Competition wordings in the side wall. I was told it's lighter and uses a better compound than the Standard Conti Competitions Tubular.

Would Appreciate anyone have ridden or knows the differences? Probably the Pro Team Mechanic will know?

Thk You for Any feedbacks if paying a 30% premium over these pro limited Conti Competition make sense........ :?: :?: :?:

by Weenie

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by newfy

From what I remember the pro models get a laytex tube.

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by HillRPete

I came across the "Pro Limited" too, and am wondering what sets them apart. Thanks.

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by incognitus

I believe the Pro(tection) Limited have a reinforced Gatorskin sidewall.

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by HillRPete

"ProTection" and "Pro Limited" seem to be different tyres though, the latter has the normal sidewall.

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by LouisN

Maybe Geoff (WW member, Conti tubs and pro stuff expert) can answer that one.
Send him a PM.
Louis :)

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by dcl10

The compound is the same, they have a different casing, and you can get them with either butyl or latex. The base tape used to be different too, but this year were the same as the standard competition. You can order either the AllAround or protection, which is just A gotorskin version. They are basically made to order depending on team requirements/needs. Specifically what that shop is selling I have no idea.

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by HammerTime2

So is the Pro Limited AllAround with butyl tube the closest to the standard Conti Competition? If so , what is the difference in the casing , and how does that affect the ride and flat propensity (for example sharp stones scraping the sidewall)? Are the butyl tubes in the butyl tube version of the Pro Limited identical to those in the standard COnti Competition? Is there a difference in difficulty in mounting?

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by Geoff

The Pro Limited is a Conti Comp with a latex tube (at least, it is supposed to be, I have some with butyl). It is supposed to be World Tour-only, but they show-up now and again...

by Weenie

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by ultyguy

Not to muck things up too much but anyone else seen the new Force/Attack Competition tubular versions in person?

I've been on the std Comp from time to time but have migrated back to the sprinter Gatorskin which to me somehow feels a touch more comfy, has great grip (esp in wet where I think all of the cotton tubs suffer) and has so far (big fingers crossed) been pretty bulletproof while being a touch cheaper. As with all Contis that I've had they take a few rides to 'break in' and then give excellent road feels when leaned over.

edit- my horrible luck with Vittoria Evo CX tubs continues. I've got a set on my light climbing wheels and I think I have 3 punctures over a total of about 300 kms. I've gotten 3,000 kms out of my Sprinter Gatorskins w/ zero punctures (knock knock on wood). They are squaring a bit at the rear, but to be expected.

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