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by mattlawro

I have lost my polar cs200 computer, although still have speed and cadence sensors.

What to replace it with, need speed, heart rate and cadence.... Any thoughts? Budget is £100.00 - £150

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by campbellrae

I had a Cateye V3 before getting a GPS and was pretty happy with it. Did what I needed it to do. Normal HR stuff, Cadence and speed stuff. Screen was good and clear and the back light was decent when I needed to use it at night.

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by aarw

I just moved from a Polar CS200 to a Garmin 500 with cad & and hr. I've been very impressed, although the basic package comes in around the higher end of your budget it won't include your HR or cadence...

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by project3

remain back with polar - easy to use.

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by Franklin

I went to Garmin and never looked back:

Ant+ so you can use third party breastbands.
Replaceable batteries on the sensors. My pet peeve with Polar.

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by Ritterview

Save up and get a Garmin Edge 500. Then you'll be uploading your rides to Strava, and a whole 'nother world opens up.

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by andyindo

+1 for Garmin Edge500

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by TOflat

Garmin Edge 500 may be my next computer *or 800 if I have the funds*, but right now I'm very happy with my Sigma Rox 9.0. The 9.1 has also just come out.

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by TurboKoo

Has anyone tried Mio 305?
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by bm0p700f

I quite like the velomann compuotr I am currently using. Nice big screens. Also the speed and candance sensor are the same unit.

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by Fanis

I am happy with my Sigma ROX 9.0!!!
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