Frame? Cervelo R5 vwd - Can. Super6 Evo - Sp. Tarmac SW SL4

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by runningrunningjump

All the sensible things have already been said. Its a perfect post really as everyone wants to dream out loud the perfect frame if they had loads of money.

When you already have one of the best bikes where do you go? As you have posed the question on WW maybe your choice should be made with goal of building one of the lightest bikes in the world, then the cannondale or cervelo would be a good start.

On the custom one-off angle. Use the ample available funds (unless your dreaming like the rest of us) to go on holiday, visit the maker of the frame you are most interested in and have a frame made for you and visit their factory! Then maybe send them your parts, have it built and shipped somewhere spectacular for your first ride on it, maybe alpe d'huez, ride it, fall in love with cycling all over again, fly home with your new bike.

God, that would make a good business.......... Customers please PM me! Hahaha

Good times

by Weenie

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by plpete

runningrunningjump wrote:go on holiday, maybe alpe d'huez, ride it, fall in love with cycling all over again,

THIS. I just recently upgraded to a Cervelo RS (Giro D'Italia Edition) from an older Scott CR1 and the difference is huge despite the RS being a "low end" offering from Cervelo. At this point I know that the engine needs more work and the bike begs to be ridden and doesn't hold me back. With that in mind if I had extra $ and time I would go and ride in Europe in a heart beat. An experience like that will provide you with far more joy and memories than any frame or bike you can purchase. And lets be honest... at some point, even the new frame you will purchase will get old and you will "need" something better and newer. Go and experience cycling from its roots and enjoy the jaw dropping scenery, food and culture!

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by EightFiveTwo

one suggestion----go with EE brakes (in you don't think they are too ugly).

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