Doping for a Gran Fondo?

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by KB

Powerful Pete relayed such a scenario of ordinary guys juicing up for Gran Fondo's etc who were not kids and had nothing to gain other than bragging rights for dropping someone. There was another similar scenario reported in America.

Then there must be people who would not try and get an advantage or unaware, but maybe taking testosterone patches, viagra, asthma inhalers etc.

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by jmilliron

Don't think the guy was doping to win Gran Fondos so much as to win normal amateur road races.

1st place, Tour of the Battenkill, Elite 3. That's a pretty big deal.

Think EPO is uncommon in the amateur ranks, but I suspect testosterone and whatnot aren't. Especially with masters racers. Apparently its pretty easy to get a prescription for.
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by HammerTime2

So if you want a testosterone prescription, do you just tell the doctor that you're a girlie-man, and so need testosterone to remedy that?

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by KWalker

Eh, people are blowing the Batenkill thing out of proportion. Its a big race in terms of hype and size, but honestly the fields aren't much more competitive there's just more of them. Looking at his other results he wasn't really that good and quite a few local 3's that I know have beaten him or finished around his placings and none of them are hoping to go pro.

The guy honestly wasn't that good at doping, which is funny. Probably coulda just eaten/trained smarter and gotten the same result.
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