Colnago Master 55 Anniversary - 6520 gr Pics on Pg13

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by TTP

Beautiful :thumbup:

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by RichTheRoadie

I think it needs a carbon fork given the approach - especially with the Berk combo.

I also think the red Campag logos need colour-coding, but with a better gold than you've used on the ring around the UT hole on the crank.

by Weenie

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by SWijland

Please don't do a carbon fork :frightened: . Keep it just the way it is: perfect!

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by Wingnut

SWijland wrote:Please don't do a carbon fork :frightened: . Keep it just the way it is: perfect!

"It's not the's the ride!"

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by skinnyankles

maverick_1 wrote:Here's a pic with the customary Lightweight Standard :wink:


Thanks to you, I removed my Venge wallpaper & replaced it with your Master55.. Got to get me one of those.. :twisted: :mrgreen: :thumbup:

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by Calnago

Love the frame. Cool what you've done with berks saddle but I still have a tough time with the "solid state" of it all, with zero room for adjustment. But still very nice. Can't help thinking some nice classic spoked low profile rims would suit this bike better. And as others have said, NEVER replace that fork with a carbon one on that bike.
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by maverick_1

Definitely no intention to replace the Colnago Precisa steel fork with a carbon fork.
The Precisa fork itself is an essential "module" for this particular built.

good idea, I guess I forgot to mention that do accept sponsors.. :lol:


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by maverick_1


Colnago Precisa steel fork will remain as it is.
Berk's carbon saddle-post combo is among the highlites for this built, retaining the Retro-Modern feel to it.
The SLR C64 saddle shape seems to fit me well enough, therefore zero complains from me.
Combo is made with a 75deg seat angle with 25mm setback.

I have an alternative on the way, found a NOS WR Compositi - Colnago seatpost in 27.2mm, and a SLR C64 saddle just in case an adjustment is needed.

As for a low profile wheelset, the built does look particularly good in Campagnolo Hyperon. Understated, with a touch of Retro-Modern.
Pics are not ready though due to cloudy weather.

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by majklnajt

This bike brings the noise..... :thumbup:

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by Rippin


Just pure loveliness.

Rumsas wrote:Daaaamn! You are the master
(*)/ (*)

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by cmh

Very nice....much better with Lightweight.

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by willy

Superb! Cant wait to see it dressed with hyperons!

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by canbakay

really perfect.

what bar tape is that??

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by willhouse

Oh my word that is rather nice!!! :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by Montana

Very well done!!! That is beautiful :thumbup:

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