Cane Creek AER Headset

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by JWolf

Your Opinion...

I just removed it from my R5CA - and replaced the top assembly with a Cane Creek 110. Basically the AER uses a fake Norglide bearing - which in my opinion is a gimmick and doesn't really work. It saves about 20 grams of weight - but the result in steering is very bad. Either too stiff - or very loose.

The guys at Cervelo recommended the SWAP - interesting that they just don't deliver the kit that way.

Any one else have experience (good or bad) with the AER?

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by KB

Agree 100% with your comments. I had an AER due to the low stack height, but I didn't like the steering at all. I've just replaced it with the Extralite headset, which works very well.

by Weenie

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by sedluk

I tried to use mine a few times and ended up going with a bearing headset. The AER would come off track. I have tried to sell them new on eBay, not much of a market for them.

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by sugarkane

A Friend has one.. A little Teflon chian lube makes em work real Nice.. They are a poor design though.
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by 2011

Been riding one for a few months now. No problem. A little difficult to get set-up and adjusted, because the "bearing" keeps wanting to move and get smashed. Getting it adjusted is just a matter of finding that sweet spot between too loose, and too tight. It has not come loose since original install.

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by JWolf

Just seems not worth it at the end. The weight of the extra bearing is really not that bad. The only reason I debated over it for a day or so was the "look" of the top assembly. The lack of a real bearing allows the AER to be almost flat on top which looks pretty cool.

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by thisisatest

most people that have problems with the aer headset have the aluminum top bearing "cup" upside-down. both sides have a conical recess, so it's easy to mess it up, but only one is right.
that, and it takes a ride or two to smooth out. and it's not worth it unless you already happen to have it.

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by bm0p700f

Given there are full ceramic hub bearings are there the same for headsets to replace the cartridge bearings that are often found.

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by xnavalav8r

I have used this headset on two bikes without issue. I agree it is a fine line between too loose or too tight, but once I got it setup properly it has been problem free.

by Weenie

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by mythical

Like Ted, I also used this headset on several bikes ever since the first series were available. So far I've had no issues with these headsets after setting them up with the correct preload, even with rough riding and without maintenance. The reasons I installed them was because of weight and low stack height and I've never looked back. If you got any issues with an Aer headset, then it's probably incorrect installation at fault. I did replace the bushing once already.
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