Alloy rim choices: HED C2, BHS C472w, Stans Alpha 400???

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by garth

I've got a pair of DT 240s 28h hubs I want to lace up into new cross wheels for the upcoming season. Last year nearly everyone recommended HED C2s but since they are unavailable right now I'm trying to find another rim to take it's place.

Rider weight: 200lbs with gear

Some possible contenders:

BHS C472w (23mm wide, 27mm tall, 475g) - $60
Stan's Alpha 400 (20mm wide, 23mm tall, 425g) - $120
Stan's Alpha 340 (ver 2) (20mm wide, 23mm tall, 385g) - $120
Kinlin XR270 (19mm wide, 27mm tall, 445g) - $45

Any other recommendations?

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by grover

I can only comment on the BHS rim. It hits the listed weight, was easily built and makes for a stiff wheel. The rim bed is not conducive to tubeless conversions though. If you are happy running tubes then it's a great option.

Definitely go for something wider. That's one of the reasons the HED rim was so popular. Maybe add the Velocity A23 to your list?

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by garth

Thanks for the suggestion for the A23. I completely forgot about that one.

I think I've decided on the BHS C472 since it seems like the best compromise in regards to width, durability and most importantly price. I'm glad to hear you've had positive experiences with it.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

The XR270 is pretty tried and true, and at your weight it would be plenty stiff. I think the 340 is a bit too soft for your weight. On paper, the Stans 400 looks like a good choice, all though I haven't built on any yet. I think that the previous suggestion for the A23 is a good one too.

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