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by veganeric

Maximilian wrote:WTF! That is a travesty on so many levels. Flat pedals, seriously! I wonder how the shop let that thing leave it's doors. My LBS would be embarrassed.

I took that picture at a MS 150 rest stop. I didn't see the rider this year, only his bike. Two years ago he was riding a decked out S-Works Roubaix...with H3Ds, and those same pedals. He was riding in jeans, high tops, and smoking. To his credit he was still banging out a respectable pace! According to my go to LBS sales guy, who is also his, this guy is goofy (obviously) but loves to ride, and does it a ton. Now if the sales guy could just talk him into the combination top cap/ash tray we decided I should make for him.

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by cmh

Willier wrote:Image


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by irongatsby

cmh, you have some nice bikes..

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by cmh


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by Wingnut

"It's not the's the ride!"

Mike V
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by Mike V


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by CarpetFibre



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by astranoc

He must have really fun when cycling on the drops in the rain :lol:

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by euan

first one is almost definitely a photoshop
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by CarpetFibre

I'd agree with that Euan. If you look carefully it's quite clear.

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by Maximilian


Yours for only $30,000!

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by Straff

Maximilian wrote:Yours for only $30,000!

Chickenfeed. ... road-bike/" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

Mind you, As its AM they should be charging Guineas for real class.
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by stella-azzurra

Straff wrote: ... road-bike/" onclick=";return false;

Every element has been designed from the ground up, without compromise.
This philosophy extends to the carbon fibre wheels; designed to accommodate the hydraulically actuated disc brakes, a unique feature on a road bicycle, allowing it to perform flawlessly in a wide range of conditions.

:roll: :lol:
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by refthimos

I have two freak bikes, this is #1 (the other to come). Bike started out as a Slingshot mountain bike back in the 90's and was converted several years ago into a single speed "cruiser" - basically a "bro bike" for when I have friends over, but between the saddle height, reach and drop, it's hardly a "friendly" bike for just about any of my friends to ride. Has an interesting mix of "Cutting Edge 90's Components" like AMP fork (disappointingly rusted), Klein Mission Control one-piece bar/stem (1" quill of course), Magura HS-22 hydraulic rim brakes (truly bombproof, haven't been touched in >5 years and work perfectly), no-name Chinese carbon crank (square taper of course), and.. to top it all off, some sweet 26" single speed wheels built up on Chris King hubs and Mavic rims.

I need to clear out some space in the garage, so sadly, this little freak will need to go. I know I won't get a lot for it but I think it might be tough to get rid of without parting out.

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by teddysaur

This website spotted in the geek spot, Akihabara, Tokyo Japan.


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