Giant OCR C2 build

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by istigatrice

I don't think its worth it, the C2 is a nice frame. What year is your OCR? It looks like a 2007/2008 to me :noidea:
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by QuinnTO

It's a 2007. The switch might drop a couple hundred grams. Also, I could get the stem/bars lower and fit better/lighter brakes.
At this point, I think this is every bit as much bike as I need but I am getting a bit bored without a bike to work on. I think the task of switching parts and rebuilding would be the best part for me.

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by system787

Recently weight weenie'd an older OCR frame much like yours for my girlfriend's father.

Biggest weight savings were in this order:

1. Wheels. Went from 2100 gram Aksiums to a set of Kinlin XR19's I built laced to Bikehubstore hubs, ~1300 grams. 800 grams saving.
2. Fork. Stock fork is well over 600 grams. Grabbed a generic full carbon fork off ebay for ~$70. 250 grams weight saving.
3. Saddle. This doesn't apply to you, but I upgraded him from a really heavy Selle Italia Condor, over 400 grams, down to a standard Fizik Arione, and saved at least 150 grams.

The rest of his componentry wasn't all that light anyway, but the bike is now at a solid 16.2 lbs and did not cost much to do so.

For you, I'd recommend wheels. Just grab a set of Kinlins from Bikehubstore and you won't regret it. Fork comes next, you can probably get a full carbon fork from aliexpress or ebay for <100 and it'll save you at least 250 grams.

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by QuinnTO

Thanks for the tips. I will definitely look into getting a new fork.

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by kulivontot

600g fork!?!?!

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by QuinnTO

Some updates:

Its been a few months since I posted anything about the bike. Got some Zipp 340 wheels from the marketplace last week and am on the hunt for tubular tyres to fit on them now. Seller claimed ~1200 g weight but I will confirm that when I go back to school early next month.

I also picked up a kitchen scale on sale and have begun dismantling the bike to weigh each component. Hopefully this will help me identify where the biggest weight savings will be. Fork will definitely be the next upgrade as the stock fork with starnut installed is 590 g! Stem came in at 161 g (26 g over claimed). It, along with FD and brakes, will probably follow. All depends on which deals pop up on ebay and when.

Pics of the new wheels (on and off scale) should be posted in the first week of January. Expecting close to 600 g of weight savings here.

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by wiRIDEfast

Dont get rid of the bike! I had the exact model same color and all. I sold it when I was hurting for money after I lost my job and was sick for a long time. Probably one of the biggest regrets I have bike-wise. Sold another bike at that time too that I regret.

I scour ebay daily for both bikes now that I am better off financially. Someday i'll find them and rebuild them just as they were.

What size is that frame? If its my size I call dibs on it for when you get rid of it!

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by QuinnTO

Got back to school on the weekend and had a chance to unbox the wheels today. My old wheelset was 1885 g and the new wheelset is only 1198 g, a 687 g savings! The build is with Zipp 340 rims, bladed titanium spokes, hershey front hub, and american classic rear. Considering the wheels only cost me $250 off the marketplace, I am quite pleased.

I inspected the wheels for any cracks or blemishes but they appear to be solid and in good condition. A full carbon fork will be next on my list.
Front wheel
Rear wheel
Both wheels

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by theosaurus

great bike
Why are the bars unbranded? Did you get them cheap or just rid the graphics?
yes, but how much does it weigh?

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by QuinnTO

I bought them off craigslist locally for $50.

This is how they were sold to me. I was always a bit skeptical of the claimed weight on them but they were confirmed over the holidays to be just under 200 grams. Not sure of the exact brand because I bought them with no logos but I listed them as I was informed at time of sale.

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by QuinnTO

Encountered a problem earlier today. I was fitting my skewers and testing the smoothness of the bearings when I found a crack in the rear rim. It runs right from the valve hole, across the tire bed and down through the brake track. I must have missed it in my inspection last night as I was mostly looking at the spoke holes. Attached are the photos of the cracked rim.

I have contacted the seller and he has offered to take the wheel back, refunding part of the purchase price. Hopefully things go better from here. Now I am just out the price of shipping and left with just 246 g weight savings (most of the weight was lost in the rear wheel over my old wheelset, sadly). Looks like I will now be on the hunt for a new rear wheel.

As this is only the second part in this build which I have bought online and had shipped, it is a little discouraging. Hopefully ebay will yield a good find in the near future.

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by QuinnTO

Two weeks ago I purchased a fork from a mfellow forum member in the marketplace. It is a Ritchey WCS full carbon fork. On my scale, it weighs 315 g and the expander weighs 28 g.

I still need to cut the streerer tube and possibly get a lighter expander but as is, I have just dropped 247 g from the bike.

Any suggestions on a light weight expander?

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by OwenJames

Nice to a young lad working so well on a bike and not just getting his parents to buy him the latest and greatest. This is giving you a deep understanding of how bikes work and I salute your effort!

Bike looks great. Bet it rides really nice too!

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by SDP

extralite or ti-carbon make nice expanders.

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by QuinnTO

Thanks for the tip. I have been looking at the extralite expander.

I am just waiting to get out on the bike and start the season. Canadian winter is killing me.

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