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Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by runningrunningjump

I'm on a similar build (but with tighter budget)


I've done the foam grips, £4 inc pp off eBay. Probably the best value weight loss ever!

Tyres are a good area, lots of bontrager tyres are tubeless, under or around 500g and usually can be found for about £20!

Sorry to go on about going single ring on the front, but just look at the weight differences on my thread vs. yours?

Also I've got a set of egg beater SLs 2nd and have just ordered some ti axels from USA! I'll keep you posted if they fit/ are any good! ... ALS_c2.htm

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by dcash5

Sorry guys, I've been really neglecting my build and thread recently as Ive become involved in a major DIY project. Luckily I've managed to keep my fitness up through use of the roadbike but with Mountain Bike season, just around the corner I need to get my act together.

Its sat wheel-less for approximately 2 month now and not changed apart from a new set of brakes ...

I bought some Magura MT4 on the promise these were lightweight. Once received they weighed in at 750grms (nearly 200 than quoted) and to cap it all off, they used the torque bolts all over it. Asking for trouble in my book.

Anyway, long story short, I was perusing another MTB site and found someone had a set of hayes Carbon Strokers for sale, lighter, cheaper, and used OEM sizes (I can now get lighter discs). I snapped these up asap.



Still considering the 1x10, especially after what you have been saying.

Did you have any luck with the Titanium spindles for the egg beaters?


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by runningrunningjump

Disc brake sets are a nightmare, they are all heavy! And expensive for the weight you save.

I run avid discs (104g). But I have just picked up a 2nd hand kcnc rotor (69g!) I'm trying it on the rear and its not as powerful as the avid. I'll keep you updated. -35g for under £10 though.....

Ti axels didn't pan out. Couldn't get them....

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