2011 Sram Red or 2012 Campagnolo Chorus 11 for my Colnago

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by Roobay

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by giant man

There is no comparison and you shouldn't be making one either. Campagnolo is a far better proposition than that other american outfit who make dreadfully dire groupsets ...

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by cerro

Am using 2011 Sram Red and will change for Campagnolo 11-speed for my next bike. The leverfeel is so best and the front shifting is so smooth. Only reason for Sram Red is weight and maybe easier with wheels but then you choose wrong wheels.
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by SalsaLover

Campagnolo without a shade of doubt

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by reggiebaseball

Campy of course,
Get a Chorus groupset from shinybikes.com for under $1100, that is the real deal.

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by digitalnorbs

I just put on chorus 11 speed going from chorus 10 speed, while making the purchase I was hesitant that I will notice any difference. Well, holly sh$t, smooth as butter, I installed it and not even one adjustment needed yet. Totally blow away!!!

Campy all the way!!!

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by MDiddy

I have the exact same frameset, right down to the color scheme. Congrats. I went from being a lifelong Shimano person to Campy on this frameset, and could not be happier. Once you ride the campy you'll know you made the right choice.

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by wineguy

I put a 2012 Chorus group on my bike about 4 months ago. The group is great. The ergonomics are fantastic and a real bonus is the brakes. I went with the single pivot rear brake option. I'm staggered by how good they are. So much power, control and modulation. Far better than the Shimano group I had been using which I have found most surprising.
FYI Weight came in at estimates except the shifters which were 12grams over.

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by tinman143

Having moved from Red to Chorus 11 a few months ago, it'd be hard to go anything else. Love it.

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by apLe

Campagnolo. Period. You'll simply love the feel and the sound and... everything.
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by mvacolnago

An Chorus/Athena mix would save you even more, Athena brake calipers/ front derailleur will save some cash and not add much weight. Save sram for a one season race bike, use campy if you plan on keeping the bike for more then a race season.

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by mjduct

wait around on the forum for a few weeks, I've picked up slightly used record/chorus groupsets for $350 USD and super record groupsets for around $600 USD.

I'd rather have a second hand super record group on that bike than a brand new chorus :thumbup: :thumbup: :beerchug:

beautiful setup though. I'm excited to see the gallery post when it's done!

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by giant man

Campagnolo every time, Sram can't build a groupset anywhere near as good as Campag, chorus, record or super record, the best groupsets money can buy ...

by Weenie

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by markyboy

So nobody rates sram then :lol:
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