Specialized Tarmac S-Works SL4 or Parlee Z5

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by jwb96

KWalker wrote:Z5's are nice, but the one I rode wasn't sensational. It was stiff and nimble, but didn't wow me. Finishing is slightly better, but it reminds me of a bike that middle aged men get to be unique and condescending to those who ride larger brands whereas the SL4 comes in pretty heinous colors. My final verdict is to go with what looks better and is in your price range. Z5 has better graphics in my opinion since I haven't liked a single SL4 paintjob that I've seen all year so if it came down to cash I'd go with that.

Hey, that's me!

So SL4 is your ride. Z5 is a more well-rounded compromise, in the direction away from where you claim to want to be.

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by airwise

If you ride purely to race then get the SL4.

If you ride for pleasure and the occasional sportive get the Parlee.

If you don't have more money than sense and don't race buy an Evo.

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by Ozrider

The Parlee Z5 is in its 3rd year of production, along with the lighter Z5 SL and Electronic Groupset compatible Z5 SLi. Something about a good design not needing to be replaced by a so many % stiffer/lighter / more compliant bike every 12 months.

No arguing that the SWorks SL4 is a really good bike, but by June the SWorks SL5 will be seen being ridden at the Tour De France.
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by deluxerider

These questions always make me smile. What kind of watts are you putting out? I think you've fallen for the marketing hype in a big way. For most of us, myself included, there will be no discernible difference between either bike.

Easy Rhino wrote:I am sitting on the fence between a 2012 Specialized Tarmac S-Works SL4 or Parlee Z5 frame. My primary criteria is which frame will transfer power better...especially on out of saddle climbs. I'm not too concerned about comfort just raw power transfer. Any thoughts? Thank You.

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by zik

I vote for SL4 these bikes are so stiff.

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