How does training software deal with 2 rides in 1 day

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by me

Hi, I have a question

If I do 2 rides in 1 day using a SRM PCV, when I download the data how does the SRM software and WKO+ treat it?

Does it treat it as 1 long ride if I dont clear the SRM between rides?

What happens if I clear it between rides and download the 2 rides with the same date?


by Weenie

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by Tabe

Dunno about WKO. I have Golden Cheetah and Power Agent on my PT. When downloading daily multiple workouts on GC you just right click downloaded file (that first contains all daily training as a bulk) and choose 'split ride'. You then get window where you can choose split points or accept splitting points that program suggests. It works fine even when downloading bunch of workouts from multiple workouts or stage race with warmups, races and cooldowns.

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by Ypsylon

There's a setting in SRM win after how much time the software treats something as the continuation of a ride or a new ride.
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