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by seandonovan

I'm planning on calling up my usual shop for this, but just for my edification, any idea where to get SRAM Part 11.7015.052.040? It's the shift paddle and all the associated goodies for a Rival/Apex shifter. You can find it on page 11 of the 2012 SRAM Spare Parts Catalog (linky)There have been a few places that list it, but they are all out of stock.

A couple years ago, the bike that this shifter was on went down hard a couple times (oh, cyclocross....), and broke off the little adjustment cam. They've been moved to a new bike, which has had the reach dialed inwards, making the cam actually necessary to prevent the paddle from getting hung up on the return from a shift. It's more of an annoyance than anything else, but after 6 hours in the saddle with my mind gone from partial dehydration, I'd rather it not get hung up.

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by bm0p700f

Well I hope the SRAM distributor in the U.S arries these bits. In the U.K Fishers don't carry shifter spares. So when a customer came in with a shifter that was not playing ball, Fishers ust sent out a new one on warranty (they didn't even want proof of purhase). So new shifter, cable and outers for nothing. Maybe the U.S distributor will do similar thing. I have kept this shifter for spares (as the customer did not want it back) but you are in the wrong country.

by Weenie

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