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Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by letmetalktomark


Long time lurker first time poster :D

Have used the plethora or information on this site for years but until recently had never tried the weight weenie "thing".

That is until now :twisted:

Caveats first - This is my first attempt at a sub 20lb build. I am circa 95kg unladen and so there are seemingly limitations to the kit I can run and trust. That said I have been surprised by the relative low weight of some off the shelf bits. Also this is not an unlimited ££ build. As it is it stand me at about £1000 or thereabouts.

I am sure this is just the start of what will be an interesting but expensive diversion away from my heavier bike but fun :lol:

So without further waffle my build.

Where to start .....

I have an uncanny ability to build heavy bikes even from lightweight parts :oops:

As such I was still surprised when my DJab (Now sadly sold :( ) weighed 24+lbs.

Sooooo I saw that this frame had come up for sale and was in almost new condition. A deal was struck and I had 1083g frame .... surely a light build could be achieved ....... :o

I've built this with as little additional outlay as possible. I have used much of the build from the Djab, a splattering of ti bolts, carbon bits etc. I did have to source a new seatpost and I decided as its currently a 1x9 to go with a larger chainring.

Not ridden in anger yet as have been super busy but will be out on it soon .... fingers crossed.

I have a final bit of fettling to do then will weigh it out of interest. I would like it to be about 20lbs :?

:arrow: So pics .....

Mmmm Hot melt carbon :wink: :






As always comments/suggestions etc welcome 8)


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by 2002maniac

Looks great. A short cage rear mech will improve 1x9 performance. That's the only obvious thing I'd change.

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