Cleaning Aluminum brake track`

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by sanrensho

Zen Cyclery wrote:
If you decide to go with one, I would say go with the medium softness.

Thanks for the info and advice.

by Weenie

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by timzcat

brake cleaner or brakeleen as it is in the US will also easily remove stickers and can be bad on a lot of finishes so you have to be real careful.
I cleaned then with Window cleaner as recommended and it worked pretty well. But don't let that deter anyone from putting up their ideas or methods.
I have found Park's chain brite to work well too with a scotchbrite pad. I will usually do that when I am cleaning the bike and chain and can hose off the wheel afterwards.

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by mclaren

besides the brake track being cleaned with a Mr Clean magic eraser or Automotive rim cleaner, I usually give the brake pads a scrub with emery cloth to take care of any glazing that might be happening.

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by Clevor

To get off all the black gummy material, particularly after a wet ride, I use WD-40 sprayed on a small square piece of green Scothbrite. You need some sort of petroleum distillate to dissolve the rubber, but nothing too harsh like acetone or lacquer thinner, as it can swell the tire rubber if it gets on it, besides dissolving paint or the adhesives of the wheel decals.

The Scotchrite aids in removing stubborn material quickly. You are left with a black slurry material on the rims. I remove this using isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel. This does a good job and again, you avoid using harsh solvents and it gets the rim pretty much squeaky clean.

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by Podunk

Things to stay away from if you are at all concerned about finish.
1. Brake Cleaner will remove just about anything including paint, clear coat etc.
2. Acetone will do the same though not as quickly as brake cleaner. There's a reason why it's used to remove nail polish.

If you use any alcohol products make sure not to let is soak in the area else it will eventually eat through any finish you have.

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