CAAD 5.. with BB30???? whats going on?

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by Dimitri

i just bought this - ... 1439.l2649" onclick=";return false;


from everything i read i found that BB30 started at caad 6. but i bid anyway and won.

the frame is here now and confirmed it IS BB30 and definitely says CAAD 5 on the back of the seat tube (just barely visible is the pics). so whats the deal?

for reference the frame is 1280g with drop out and biddon bolts.

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by 2002SaecoReplica

The Saeco Replica's that were Caad7's with optimo tubing were that candy red clear coat color like the one you have. The fork isn't the OE fork but it's just as good as original probably.

A Caad7 will have tapered tear drop shaped seat stays where as the Caad5's seat stays were round.
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by juanacity

Looks to me like that is the 2004 CAAD7 "Optimo" Team edition. Looks like someone put the wrong sticker on the seat tube.

CAAD7 have tear-dropped top and down(especially down) tubes near the headtube junction. I'm not sure, but I don't recall them having tear-dropped seatstays.

Beautiful frame, just this year I almost bought the same frame that also included the original Hollowgram Si crankset. The only reason I didn't was because my 2001 CAAD4 frame is still perfectly functional and running strong.

Have fun building it up!

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by Dimitri

the top and down tubes are definitely "tear drop" at the head tube.

seat stays are round. measured 16mm horizontal axis, 16.2mm ish vertical.

bb has


41rb7e 56

on the drop out it has b10302

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by Dimitri

also has. N176980

identifies it as 2002, which is CAAD 7.

so.. possibly its an incorrectly stickered bike from new? it has been built, but not ridden much/at all so that is feasable.

i dont think its been re finished, there is no extra paint in the stamped serial number etc. anyway, still a nice bike, just it was sold to me as "new" which is kinda important as i plan to do a decent amount of k's on it.

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by thisisatest

i think the biggest giveaway that it's a caad7 and not a caad5 is the shifter cable stops at the head tube. on the caad5, they were further down the down tube.


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