Corima winium + or VIVA S?

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by gb103

Hi, this will be my first tubular wheelset and have narrowed it down to the winium + (£1350) or VIVA S which is a new wheelset (1200 g) with a deeper 32mm rim depth. I can get the viva s for around £900. Not concerned with aerodynamics, but I do like the look of a low profile rim such as the winium, but are quite a bit more expensive. Wheels will be used just for fun and taking to Pyrenees. Pros/cons any body??


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by fdegrove


For your intended use the 24mm Winium would be the better choice IMHO.
The extra rim depth (32mm) of the Viva is not going to bring you much if anything at all, not even going downhill.

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by kgt

I guess that both wheels are fine for you. Winium has carbon hubs that make the wheel look more exclusive in comparison to the alu viva hubs. Both rim and hub use 1k carbon weave which also make it more expensive.


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