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by crohnsy

Looking good. Too bad about that mess under your handlebar/stem....

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by Wingnut

EXCELLENT! Other than having it in my size I wouldn't change a thing... :thumbup:
"It's not the's the ride!"

by Weenie

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by kgt

Perfect. It deserves better tires.

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by veloman


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by solarider

Thanks all!

Was waiting for the spacers/tyres/top tube/pedal comments!

The frame was a custom geometry, but I chose to go for spacers rather than a huge headtube.

I might be in a minority of 1, but I love Conti Comps. Great mix of robustness, grip etc. There are more supple tyres out there, but none that match their all round ability.

Moots don't offer the RSL in a non-sloping Top Tube unfortunately, and since I need a high front end, it would look a bit weird.

I am not a fan of the iClics, so the pedals might have to go for something different anyway.

Otherwise, it is perfection for me. Can't say it will be the last bike I will ever buy, but something else will have to do a lot of convincing!
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Deleted extraneous posts that had nothing to do with the awesomeness of this ride. Let us keep it on topic, gentlemen. Thanks.
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by Juanmoretime

We all love and appreciate different aspects of a build. It being the beautiful gray metal I love it! :beerchug:

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by reggiebaseball

Nice RSL. I applaud your honesty about the inset and PF30, I really wonder why Titanium builders are doing this at all.

Can you please comment on the ride differences of this frame from your eggshell blue Peg Respo?
How does the geometry compare, and do you find the differences due to geo, material, or both?

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by Miller76

Wow - the rides in your stable never fail to impress and this is no exception!! Truly stunning, congratulations and enjoy!!!

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by masters324

To bad there's not a "Like" button :thumbup:

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by playride

A beauty indeed. I like where you mount the control unit. Gotta try the EPS.. Job well done!

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by Simonhi

Very nice build Solarider, it certainly looks worth the wait, dare I say a nicer machine all round than your light blue Responsorium ?

I really like the matt, understated look of the Moots frames, I've seen a few close up (a rare thing in the UK) and the welds are perfect, like stacked tiny coins laying the side, some of the best around.

How does the frame compare to your Peg, is this an all-day comfortable frame, more forgiving that the Responsorium ?



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by solarider

Thanks all

To answer a couple of questions about the comparison with the Pegoretti Responsorium.

The Moots is so much more comfortable. Glides along. Plenty stiff through the bb and front end, but really smoothes out the bumps. The Peg was extremely unforgiving, hence why we parted company. I wanted a classic steel feel, and it isn't. Not a criticism necessarily, but certainly not a 'steel' like ride, whereas the Moots delivers the best of Ti.

The welds are incredible. I have attached another couple of photos showing the weld quality.





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by willhouse

I have loved Moots frames since seeing my friends when I was working in Seattle.

Like has already been mentioned, they are very few and far between here in the UK, but I would love to own one.

This one has certainly been extremely well thought out and finished perfectly.

by Weenie

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by tinman143

I cant imagine a more simple yet stunning looking bike. Congrats and well done. Bravo. :thumbup:

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