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by Tiffster


Just wondering what shoes you guys use ?

I currently have a set of Spesh Expert shoes which are 445 grams each.

Think i read somewhere the Pro's are 352 each ?

by Weenie

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by Asymptotic

My not-so-lightweight Shimano XC60's are 424g each in Size 48, which I think is actually pretty good given they don't have a complete carbon sole.

By 'Pro' shoes I assume you mean shoes like the SIDI Dragons etc. Personally I don't see shoes as a top area to save weigh, more important is that they fit well, stiffness is the second priority followed by weight.
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by the_marsbar

I think he means the Specialized Pros ( ... oes/promtb" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;)

They're listed at 385 g (1/2 pair #42)
The Experts are listed at 340 g (1/2 pair #42)
The S-Works are listed at 335 g (1/2 pair #42)

I have a pair of S-Works shoes, 1/2 pair #43 weighs 400 grams incl. a Shimano SPD cleat. I have been extremely pleased with them so far. They're very comfortable (I had a pair of Comps before) for my feet and they're easy to clean. I'd be happy to buy another pair.

The Experts weigh less than the Pros because of the buckle on the Pros.

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by Tiffster

Jaah, i did indeed mean the Spesh Pro shoes.

It's difficult to describe but my experts feel a bit flexy now, they are 5 years old. Do carbon soles get flexier with age ??

Agree on the fit aspect being the most important, just be nice to save a bit of weight whilst im at it :mrgreen:

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by thisisatest

In general, carbon soles would not get flexier with age, unless there are cracks in it of course. The uppers may have more "give" in them, the stitching could be a bit looser, etc.
+1 on sworks shoes, have em for my road and mtb, it's hard for me to even consider a different brand of shoe.

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by kaaos

Giro Prolight SLX ~200gr each
not only light but they look good and fit nice.

edit... sorry, I just realised you are after MTB shoe

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by durianrider

I ride custom midfoot shoes with a 16mm build up in the left which adds about 180g.

Best shoes Ive ever riden though.

The 2012 Specialized fit my foot well though.

Go for comfort when it comes to shoes..
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by zik

my Shimano M240 weight 485g with cleat installed each.

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by Tiffster

Picked up some S-works mtb shoes, size EU47.

Came in at 406 and 405 grams which is nice.

They are miles stiffer than my Expert shoes though :mrgreen: And the boa dials are great.

by Weenie

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